1. Bogg Bag | 2. Bogg Bag Dividers | 3. Mesh Zipper Bag Set
4. Sunscreen Applicator | 5. Kids Sunscreen | 6. 6-Pack Cabana Stripe Pool Towels
7. Diving Gems | 8. Makeup Sponges | 9. Swimming Mermaids
10. Kids Spray Sunscreen | 11. Splash Balls | 12. Watermelon Pool Ball
13. Shark/Mermaid Goggles | 14. Sunscreen Face Stick | 15. Mesh Tote Bag
16. Hooded Towels | 17. Noodle Sling Floating Chair | 18. Reusable Water Balloons
19. Skip Balls | 20. Hydro Lacrosse Set

It’s heating up out here and that means pool time! With school almost ending and prepping for Summer activities start I’ve got you covered on the most coveted items to add to your pool bag. 
Amazon, as usual, comes in hot with the variety of items I consider a must have and I just know you’re going to love them all! The theme here is fun, easy, and convenient. Let me know over on Instagram what you loved the most and what you can’t wait to pack. 
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1. Bogg Bag: The Summer IT bag and I will never shut up about it haha. Durable, easy clean up (easy is a definite running theme here), spacious, and comes in every color imaginable. 
2. Bogg Bag Dividers: And look at this! It has dividers that help with organizing all your goods. I also find this makes for a great picnic bag too. 
3. Mesh Zipper Bag Set: For my organizing kings and queens, you have one for goggles, one for sunscreen, one for sunglasses, and one for snacks! You get the idea. This helps when you’re trying to relax and someone asks, “Where are the x,y,z…”. Easy directions, “it’s in a mesh bag all by itself lol.
4. Sunscreen Applicator: Such a cool idea made into a functional must-have item. If you have kiddos who fuss during application or a husband who fusses during application then this helps! No sticky feeling on their hands or rubbing required. 
5. Kids Sunscreen: Sun Bum is favorite option for kids sunscreen. Very lightweight I’m formula and smells yummy. This option is SPF 50. 
6. 6-Pack Cabana Stripe Pool Towels: The deal on this 6-pack of Cabana towels is insane! Definitely worth the price and affordable enough to replace every year if you wear them out. 
7. Diving Gems: Keeping kids entertained in the pool should not be hard or break the bank. Diving Gems are great for all ages and can be used to create different diving challenges. 
8. Makeup Sponges: We use these at home to smoothly apply sunscreen. The kids say it “tickles” and they don’t give me grief. Win-Win. 
9. Swimming Mermaids: These Swimming Mermaids remind me of so many fun childhood games. They are so simple and yet so riveting to the little ones. I love how many they are in a pack. Enough to share and if you loose one it doesn’t hurt. Score! 
10. Kids Spray Sunscreen: For the runner and track star in your life! Haha Kids Spray Sunscreen is really convenient and Coppertone is the OG of kids sunscreen. 
11. Splash Balls: Splash Balls are another age inclusive pool game that is a must have. They soak up the water and splash around. They’re good for kids of all ages and sizes and even to use with your pups during their pool time. Plus the mesh storage bag is easy to store that allows for thorough drying.
12. Watermelon Pool Ball: A definite best seller from last year. This pool ball is really durable and fun.
13. Shark/Mermaid Goggles: IYKYK, you can never leave home without the goggles. 
14. Sunscreen Face Stick: I love Cerave. Such a reliable brand and this Sunscreen Face Stick lives up to its reputation. Easy application and feels light. 
15. Mesh Tote Bag: Grab one for each of your kids and have them pack their pool day bag. Snacks they want to bring, toys to play with, or you know that random item they can’t live without.
16. Hooded Towels: Adorable hooded towels for your little-big kids in the most fun designs and colors. Tigers, mermaids, sharks, there’s a design for everyone. 
17. Noodle Sling Floating Chair: Ok, how else should we be hanging pool side haha. You cannot get me to move an inch once I have my cup and this Noodle Sling chair. 
18. Reusable Water Balloons: Save your coins! You can use these water balloons all Summer. 
19. Skip Balls: These Skip Balls are super small, and great for a small pool bag or when you don’t want to shlep big toys around. 
20. Hydro Lacrosse Set: This Hydro Lacrosse set is a definite hit for pool time games for your older kids or adults.