1. Sweater Coatigan | 2. Gold Bells | 3. Lifting Nipple Covers 
4. Smoked Bodice Dress | 5. Acrylic Bathroom Storage Shelf  6. 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle 
7. Lice Repelling Spray | 8. The Best Brush Ever | 9. My Air Fryer
10. Lunch Box with Chill Insert | 11. Girls Towel Hair Wrap | 12. Pleated Tennis Skirt

Hello my people! It’s so amazing to be back after a pretty chill but busy Summer season. I’m back in action to get you set up with the August Best Seller list. Many of which are definite musts for this upcoming school season. 
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1. Sweater Coatigan: The cutest and comfiest Sweater Coatigan. I run warm so this works so well when you’re running around and can’t bear to wear a jacket or thick sweater. 
2. Gold Bells: These Gold Bells sell out as soon as the weather gets cool! A simple yet elegant upgrade to your space. 
3. Lifting Nipple Covers: Every time I post these Lifting Nipple Covers my DM’s go insane for good reason. I’m a size D+ and they do not fail me. I’ve gotten testimonials that these work under bathing suits, for brides on their big day, and in all types of weather. Definitely a must have on hand! Be sure to follow storage and cleaning instructions. 
4. Smoked Bodice Dress: I’m a large in this dress and it’s a major look for less find. A versatile option for any event, dressed up or down.
5. Acrylic Bathroom Storage Shelf: Storage and organization are such a guilty pleasure and these Acrylic Bathroom Storage Shelf systems are amazing for so many different spaces. Great for the actual bathroom, for kids crafts, home office supplies, even in the kitchen for spices or sponges. Go wild! 
6. 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Let’s face it, you can never have enough water bottles. The FreeSip Spout is comfortable and the loop handle convenient. Comes in cute color combos too.
7. Lice Repelling Spray: Every parent dreads the idea of their little one catching lice and SoCozy once again has our backs. 
8. The Best Brush Ever: The experience this brush provides is unlike any other! Seriously, take a moment and just read the very detailed, and extremely hilarious reviews. 
9. My Air Fryer: My actual bestie, My Air Fryer. I can’t rave enough about how much I love this appliance. She does all the necessary things an Air Fryer does with no noise, ease, and holds so much. 
10. Lunch Box with Chill Insert: Lightweight for the kids and spacious. Having a lunch box with included chill insert is such a convenience. 
11. Girls Towel Hair Wrap: Georgie loves this Girls Towel Hair Wrap. It’s great at home and as part of a kids gift too. 
12. Pleated Tennis Skirt: I love the look and style of the Pleated Tennis Skirt. Perfect for grumpy walks on the sunnier days and for the gym girlies who like a different look.