Hey ya’ll!
Today we are venturing to my dad’s most favorite place- Wallace’s Marina in Fox Hill, Virginia on the Back Bay. My dad, Captain Ken, is a charter captain and we have spent many, many hours fishing the Chesapeake Bay and off shore as a family. While I was home in Virginia we were only able to head out on a quick trip into the Chesapeake Bay – the seas were a bit rough – and there is no fighting Mother Nature! Secretly, I was relieved, I love to ride in the boat (any boat really) and fishing can involve a ton of sitting in the boat while it is still and rocking back and forth. 

Captain Ken

Ok, so I have to tell ya’ll a story…the day these photos were taken was Justin’s birthday…and as a tribute to the birthday boy my dad wore the following:

Justin bought this shirt for my Dad. Oh yeah, that happened. Justin was at a Bachelor weekend in Key West and stumbled upon this shirt…and the obvious immediate reaction for anyone would be, “holy crap, I’ve got to get this for my future father in law!”. Justin didn’t see Dad in person again until our Wedding Weekend…so that’s when he gave Dad this little treasure. Nothing says “I can’t wait to marry your baby girl” like a thong tee shirt. Classy!