Thank you for all of you kind words and support about our roof yesterday.
Of course, Maine is never done teaching us lessons and yesterday was no exception.
Our roof thankfully does not need to be replaced or even patched…we had what is called an Ice Dam build up on one side of our roof. Never heard of that? Us either.
This is what we googled:

The best news is that we aren’t going to go broke. We have some major clean up and prevention work to do but the issue is resolved until our next major ice storm.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I read an article yesterday that claimed that January 6th has officially been declared The Most Depressing Day of the Year.
Everyone is forced back to their regular schedules, the Christmas decorations are gone (unless you live in my house), budgets are being analyzed and all of the Holiday festivities and good cheer are a thing of the past.
I have to say that I enjoy getting back to the routine but the winter weather can take the good mood out of the best of us, so I decided that this week I’m going to focus on busting the January 6th Slump.

A Simple List of Things That Make Me Happy
And Could Make You Happy Too!
(and since many of you are being good girls and cutting back on your spending, all of these pick me ups should be free/lying around your house)

Making My Bed

we are the worst bed makers. we both hate it. but honestly, my bedding is really gorge thanks to many thoughtful wedding gifts. making my bed makes me so happy…and getting into fresh feeling sheets makes me feel like i’m in a hotel (a cheap-ish one, but still). one day, when i’m a grown up, i will make my bed every day.

Doing My Hair
i can get in a serious hair rut. wash hair, mostly blow dry hair, put hair up or back. there isn’t really anyone here to impress in maine on a daily basis so it mostly seems pointless to bust out the curling iron on a monday morning, but in all honesty, i feel so much better about myself when i do. i kinda feel like my old self who wasn’t roughing it in the wilderness and maybe like i could convince justin that it’s a special occasion and we should go out to dinner. clearly, i place a lot of stock in the power of my curling iron.

Fresh Nail Polish

it doesn’t have to be done by a pro, just having a non-chipped/scraggly/uneven mani makes me feel put together. i’m recently rocking essie copper penny and that color makes me feel festive, even though the holidays are in the rear view mirror. if i need a real pick me up, red is my go to. a red nail makes me feel sorta wild and still stylish at the same time. hey, whatever works, right?

Rotating My Jewels
i love jewelry. heirloom, statement, cocktail, cheap, expensive, it all makes me happy. when i was a little girl my aunt carolyn taught me to say “diamonds and emeralds and pearls, oh my!” instead of the classic “lions and tigers and bears…” and trust me, she taught me everything she knows! anyways, i can get in a jewelry rut where i just wear the same pieces over and over again because they are sitting on my bed side table or dresser. with the exception of my wedding rings and watch, everything is up for a rotation. i love digging out pieces that i haven’t worn in years and bringing them back into my life. it’s like new jewelry for free!

I should also probably tackle taking down my Christmas decorations because staring at them and dreading the process isn’t making me feel super stoked about January….

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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