How Far Along: 16 weeks 
Size of Babe: an avocado
(Which is appropriate since I seem to be on a mission to eat all of the guacamole in Cabo San Lucas)
Gender: we’ve officially started calling the baby by the name we’ve chosen for a boy although the gender is still unknown…..
Symptoms: after the long travel day to get here (18 hours, ouch), my feet and ankles were swollen and my butt muscles felt like I’d run a marathon. On the way home I’ll be more active and will drink more water. Still super tired and unable to adapt to major changes like time change and travel schedules. Also, I’ve clearly popped. My belly is getting bigger by the hour and I’m sad to say that being in a bikini was a bit tougher on my self esteem than I’d hoped. 
Loving: vacation, time with my Husband, not having a schedule, stretchy sun dresses, warm weather, sunshine, no phones (although we clearly have enough internet for blogging!) how relaxed my husband is….and no work phones!
Loathing: I wish I had more energy for all of our vacation activities but honestly, I have nothing to complain about 
Husband: is being so sweet about all of my weird pregnancy issues and body woes. He is of the belief that I should just let the bump out and be done with it, so bikinis are just fine with him!
Wedding Rings: on
Belly Button: fat man cave style 
Movement: none yet but hopefully soon!
Maternity Clothes: this week has been full of sundresses and cover ups, all non-maternity (including the dress I’m wearing in these pics, which is actually from Victoria’s Secret)
Best Part of the Week: the whole darn week!
Worst Part: I “napped” for 16 hours one of the days we were here….on accident! I laid down to read and get out of the sun and the next thing I knew, it was the next morning. I was not allowed to nap for the rest of the trip.
Missing Most: a flat tummy
Can’t wait: to find out if this babe has a certain part or not!