Good Morning, Loves.
I know many of you are hoping to find out if this babe in my (ever growing) belly is a boy or a girl…and hoping to find out today…but sadly, I’ve had to change my plans and head home to Virginia for a few days.

We lost my dear Mimi while I was in Mexico.
I am very sad but only selfishly because I know that her body was so very tired.
I am so grateful that I was able to see her a few weeks ago (the real reason I flew home in January was to see her as much as possible), to show her my bump and to tell her that our baby, if a girl, will be named after her (just as I am).

My Mimi was very excited about our baby and I wish that she could meet this kiddo when he or she makes their debut this summer. I know Mimi would not want us wallowing and making a fuss over any of this – in fact, she said as much in all of her written wishes!- so I’m going to focus on what I think would make her happy. With her in mind, I’m hoping to rustle up a gender ultrasound appointment somewhere in Virginia over the next few days.

 But, if we can’t score a coveted spot then we may be waiting until 20 weeks after all!
Think we can handle the suspense?
Can ya’ll??