Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend!
Linking up with Natasha and crew for yet another 5 on Friday

1. Mainiac Weather
Yesterday was the most gorgeous day in Maine. Our winters drag on and on…we aren’t even close to Spring around here…so when we get a glimpse of warmth and sunshine, we go nuts and soak it up.
I am apparently no exception.
I opened my sunroof and rolled down my windows while doing errands
and then, I laid on the back steps with the dog for hours.

Not a back porch, but back steps.
I just couldn’t resist the sunshine.
And what was the spectacular high that glorious day?
43 degrees.
A year ago, I would have thought this sounded insane. Today, it sounds like Heaven.

2. Gourmet Dinner
Last night Justin and I decided to recreate our trip to Mexico and headed to a local Mexican joint. Chips, salsa, guac, queso and margs (virgin for me) made for a perfect happy hour. Justin and I got to spend time together and regroup after a crazy week. It was perfection.
And our main course?
Cold Stone Creamery.
yep, that happened.

3. The New Camera

We recently snagged the Rebel SL1 and I love it. I have a ton of studying to do in order to even turn it on but after tons and tons of research, I am so happy that we finally pulled the trigger on a new camera. And thank you Best Buy for having a massive President’s Day sale…otherwise my dream of a DSLR would have waited for another day.

4. Baby Registry
Ok baby mommas, what is the deal with registering for a babe!?
It may be the most stressful experience of all time! How can something so little need so much stuff?! Swing, rock and play, pack and play, play mat, mamaroo, sleep sheep, good grief! I’ve pretty much given up making my own decisions (because how can I know what a human might like or prefer when he hasn’t even taken a breath yet) and am registering for the things that my best girlfriends with babies swear by.

The only sticking point for me is the stroller.
I can’t even imagine trying to push a stroller through the 4 inches of slush currently residing in the Hannaford’s parking lot. My Southern Mama friends can use their strollers 12 months out of the year…I’ve been looking at 2 feet of snow for months.
Will I need a stroller?
Will I use it?
Should I spend hundred of dollars on a stroller when I may just carry baby boy in his car seat while he’s an infant or wear him for ease while the weather is terrible?
Northern Mamas, any tips or stroller recs?? I’m pretty set on the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP carseat but it can be adapted to fit most high end stroller brands.

5. Lady Date
I am going on a Lady Date tonight! I haven’t seen Melissa in ages and I absolutely cannot wait to spend hours with her over dinner and drinks.

Have a fab weekend ya’ll!

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