Hey ya’ll!
So here we are again, another Monday….
at least the sun in shining here (even though it’s 30 degrees and feels like 21)

But anyways, I’ve been meaning to share this little Book Report with y’all since our trip to Mexico. Thanks to my Lady Date Melissa for the endless chatter about Bravo this weekend that reminded me to share this little gem…

Disclaimer: this book will not expand your mind, vocabulary or world view.
It will, however, entertain you endlessly while on a short flight, laying on the beach or lounging by the pool.

If you like Brandi on RHOBH, and can stand endless gossip, digs and shout outs to crazy Leanne Rhimes, then you will love Drinking and Tweeting.
I honestly really enjoyed this book. Brandi is very self deprecating while she openly names people who have wronged her and details those wrong doings.
You will most certainly get her perspective on her marriage before, during and after her husband’s well publicized affair as well as her struggle to raise her children in the way she was raised in a non-Hollywood environment.

I downloaded an e copy on my iPad for less than $10 and read it on my flight from Philly to Pheonix on our way to Cabo. It’s a perfect read to get your mind just right for a vacation (Justin chose to read “Everything You Need to Know to Manage Your Finances in Your 20’s” uh…not an appropriate vacation read). I might not be bold enough to pay for the hardback airport book store version of “Drinking and Tweeting”, but a quick, cheap download on an e reader is perfect.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

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