How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of Babe: an heirloom tomato
Gender: our sweet baby boy Gray will arrive in July
Symptoms: the winter blues are hitting me hard this week. it feels like years since our trip to mexico and it’s only been two weeks. still rocking the lack of energy, stuffy nose and allergies. surprisingly, i actually don’t have much of an appetite these days so I’m working hard to eat well for baby. otherwise, i’m feeling pretty good and getting pretty big.
Loving: green tea, diet dr. pepper, bagels with cream cheese, Target, popcorn, sleeping with a pillow between my knees
Loathing: chicken wings, figuring out the baby registry, snow, winter, ice, crappy internet connections
Husband: is out of town for work, dodging the pregnant wife bullet.
Wedding Rings: off for the long haul, rocking the hand me down jewels with pleasure
Belly Button: getting more shallow
Movement: yes! those little twinges from the last two weeks were definitely him! 
P.S. the feeling of the movement is kinda weird….
Maternity Clothes: same as the last few weeks…yes to to maternity tank tops and leggings/pants…yes to regular tops and jackets
Best Part of the Week: figuring out that the baby is moving around in there! also, mark sent our friend jaime over to try to cheer me out of my seasonal depression…I’m a lucky girl to have them both.
Worst Part of the Week: figuring out that I can’t drink, take the good drugs, hit the tanning bed or even head outside for a long walk (it’s too icy and I can’t risk a fall) to beat the winter blues. I’m thinking of running away to Virginia for a while.
Missing Most: sunshine, grass and warm weather
Can’t Wait For: spring.
Oh baby, that bump is getting big!
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