Hey ya’ll!


I’m back! Sorry I was such a bad blogger last week…I have one million excuses why, but mostly, I was super bummed thanks to the Winter Blues. Sounds silly, and before I moved to Maine, I would have thought it was whiny baby problems, but ya’ll, this extreme winter business is no effing joke.
Side note: being pregnant makes the Blues so much harder. No fun drugs to take, no tanning bed, no booze, no long walks in the freezing but sunny weather due to dangerous ice build up on the sidewalks, and extra hormones already surging. Total fail of a combo.

So why avoid the blog while in my winter funk (after all, I blog about everything else)?
Well, my darling husband told me that no one wanted to hear about how sad I am thanks to winter, that we all hate winter and we needed to be grateful for the opportunity we were given to move here for this job.

And he shared this motivational tip from his work training at a golf resort in Alabama
(approximate temp in Alabama at the time of the conversation: 70 degrees)
(approximate temp in Maine at the time of the conversation: 15 degrees)

So yeah, that didn’t go well.

I am grateful that we were able to move here but I am much more grateful during the summer and fall.

And for the record, Justin is home in Maine now and suffering in the elements right along with me. Home really isn’t Home without him but his lectures are welcome to stay in Alabama.

So, what was I up to last week?
Well, tons of non-blog worthy things:

6 loads of laundry
cleaning and re-organizing my closet
cleaning and reorganizing my drawers
returning What To Expect When You’re Expecting because that book is the devil
unpacking from our trip to Mexico (yeah, the one three weeks ago)
meeting with contractors to diagnose the newest crap wrong with our money pit
meeting with a cleaning lady to beg her to clean my house, at least while I’m in the hospital producing my offspring
attempting to fix our wifi (which was unsuccessful)
attempting to fix our laptop (which the Geek Squad tells me is perfect)

(laptop fail..after a trip to the Geek Squad)

And, most importantly, registering for Baby Gray!

That’s right, ya’ll, that shit is done! You won’t have to hear me ask or complain about that task again….well, except the stroller. I still haven’t decided which one is right but honestly part of that is a result of a lack of resources in our home town. When I’m home in Virginia my mom and I are headed to a stroller specialist (yep, he exist) to tell him about my Maine probs and see what he comes up with. Otherwise, baby boy should be covered (I hope).

I couldn’t be happier that February is over and March is certainly feeling like a fresh start.
Yes, it’s still very much winter here (tonight’s low is -13) and it will be for at least 4-8 more weeks, but February just really seemed to drag.
I have tons of travel coming up this spring (this bump will be a world traveler by the time it cooks to 40 weeks) that will take me to warmer climates and sunnier places, so I’m focusing on what’s ahead.

And, I promise to be a better blogger.
I actually get a lot of happiness from my blogger life – I honestly have made so many friends and have so many people that I can go to with questions like “dude, did you even use a stroller with a newborn in Boston??” (thanks Megan!) which is a surprise to me to this day.
I have lots planned for y’all over the coming weeks including Baby Gray’s nursery design board, our One Year/Babymoon destination reveal and my tips for traveling with a bump in various stages of huge.

That was a huge rambling post that summed up the last week or so and if you stuck with it, you deserve a medal!

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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