We had an amazing weekend here in Maine. The sun was shining, the temps soared into the high thirties and locals shed their giant puffers and ugly boots. Justin and I spent the weekend doing things that can really only get done in nice weather/need the nice weather to motivate you to do them. And I may or may not have laid in the sun with the dog after breaking and shoveling the ice pack in our driveway.

But today brings new challenges. Of course, it’s Monday, but the state of Maine has been put under a winter storm warning for two separate snow events that are scheduled to hit us this week. If all goes according to their predictions, we could end up with a total of 10 inches of new snow on the ground by Sunday. Awesome. Hopefully, the weather man is wrong, as they sometimes are, and we can just hang on to our freezing temps and sunny skies without the hassle of more ice and snow.

In the meantime, I’m going to think ahead exactly two months to get my mind off of this “for the record books” Maine winter. Why? Because we’ll be on our One Year Anniversary Trip turned Babymoon (yes, we like to do things all at once. remember that time we got married and moved to Maine like the next day?)!

We are headed to my dream trip destination:


We’ll spend a day or so in Athens to take in the mandatory hot spots


and then we’re off to the Greek Isles to spend our last crazy vacation on the cliffs of Santorini.


(Added bonus: kids aren’t even allowed on our hotel property because the terrain is so rugged and steep – which turns out to be a common policy in Santorini. Score one for the last trip before becoming Mom and Dad).

I’m sure ya’ll have a ton of questions, so I’m going to do a little FAQ below, based on what we’ve already been asked by our friends and family:

So, like, how pregnant are you going to be??
Um, super pregnant. I’ll be 30 weeks when we leave and super fat I’m assuming.

Can you even fly?!
Well, if you’re asking if I’ll weigh too much to fit on the plane, my answer is I hope not. If you’re asking medically if I’m cleared to fly that long and far, the answer is yes. My doctor has no problem with my flying all the way until my due date. I’ll go for a check up before and after the trip, just to ensure that everything is still looking good.
The airline, however, might have a problem with me flying in my 3rd trimester and actually has a right to refuse me the privilege of boarding the plane. I get it, it really harshes everyone’s vacay vibe if we have to be re-routed because I’m leaking amniotic fluid everywhere. I will have a doctor’s note stating that I’m healthy and fit to travel and will do my best to look trim and un-swollen at the boarding gate.

Why did ya’ll plan it like that?!
That’s a funny story. See, we didn’t plan it like that. In fact, we went to the doctor at the time that we booked this trip (in late September/early October, at the exact same time that we booked the Mexico trip) to confirm that we weren’t pregnant. We wanted to be sure that we’d given ourselves a safe window to take this trip. All the tests came back negative. Turns out I either got pregnant like that day or was already cooking a little sack of cells, because 4 and a half weeks later, we found out that we had a bun in the oven.

How can ya’ll afford another trip, especially with a baby coming??
hmmm nosey, aren’t we? That’s ok, I’d think the same thing. Actually, Justin and I have a few travel strategies that help us save money and I’ll write a post about that soon. This trip is a bit special because we are both flying from Bangor, ME through Philly and then on to Athens, Greece on our frequent flyer miles (oh, and we fly home on them too, just in case you were concerned we’d be stuck there). So, that’s how. When you take out the costs of the flights (roughly $4,000 total) the trip is a bit less daunting financially.

But, wait! We wanted to hang out with ya’ll/for ya’ll to travel with us/for you to see the beach one last time before you lose yourselves in baby poop for the next 6 months right around the same time and you said No Way, Jose!
Yes, that has happened and we feel terrible about that. We are taking this trip late in my pregnancy and have made the decision that we aren’t traveling far from Maine after that. We are actually really sad that we are missing out on a few really important trips, but it just seems daunting after such a large trek across the world. Plus, Justin is trying to be a good daddy and save his vacation days in case he needs them for unforeseen circumstances when the baby is born. Don’t forget, planes run both ways and Maine is super gorgeous in the summer! Kennebunkport weekend getaway anyone?!

Mostly, we can’t wait to celebrate our 1 Year and our last few weeks as super cool Newlyweds without baggage. This trip will be one for the books and I am so excited to take it with my travel partner in crime. Stay tuned for more travel related posts!

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