Hey ya’ll!

I feel like it’s been forever since I actually whipped up my own recipe!
(I blame the baby)

Recently, I’ve seen a ton of chicken salad recipes floating around Pinterest and, thanks to my fetus,  I just couldn’t shake the thought that I had.to.have. chicken salad….so, here we are!
This is the easiest, yummiest recipe and I happened to have everything already stocked in my kitchen – with the exception of the rotisserie chicken.
Don’t bother being too precise with measurements, prep time or style. Just give things a once over with the knife and toss it in the bowl. If you want more grapes, add more grapes. If you hate greek yogurt, use mayo. Y’all get what I’m saying.
Hopefully, y’all will find this easy and budget savvy just like I did.

As always, my commentary can be found after the recipe



1 rotisserie chicken
(my grocery store happened to have a Sriracha flavored rotisserie chicken special that resulted in 3 cups shredded chicken)
6 oz plain greek yogurt
(or more/less to taste)
1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
(or more to taste)
salt and pepper
red onions, diced
green onions sliced
pecans, rough chop
almonds, rough chop
red seedless grapes, halved

so, so easy
after you shred the chicken, dump it into a bowl
add the greek yogurt
(you may want to only add half and see if the mixture is to your liking, add the rest a bit at a time until you like the look of it- some people prefer a dryer chicken salad)
add the lemon juice
dump in the red onions
dump in half of the green onions, set the rest aside
add the almonds and pecans
add the craisins
salt and pepper to taste

give the mixture a good stir
(I recommend using a fork instead of a spoon, it mixes the chicken better)

add the halved red grapes

mix again

top with the remaining sliced green onions

Enjoy on a bed of lettuce, in a fresh french bread baguette or on wheat toast.
(or straight out of the tupperwear like me!)

Notes: green grapes could of course be used instead of red, green apples would add a great crunch, especially if you have nut allergies, and I like to add tons of salt and pepper for depth. You could also easily use boneless skinless chicken breast that have been grilled or boiled, or left over from dinner the night before. If you don’t have many chicken salad lovers in your family (or aren’t pregnant), consider using only half of the rotisserie chicken (1.5 cups) for the chicken salad and the remainder for chicken tacos, as a salad topper or with BBQ sauce in a sandwich.

Let me know if you whip this up and what you think!

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