How Far Along: 20 weeks!
halfway there, baby!
Size of Babe: as long as a banana and closing in on one whole pound

Gender: Baby Boy

Symptoms: lets see…still rocking the stuffy nose and the allergies, still super exhausted in the afternoons but avoiding naps because despite how tired I am, I’m having a tough time sleeping through the night. The super weird and creepy preggo dreams seem to be gone for now, but the littlest thing will wake me up and keep me up…and then my mind will start to race. Also, I seem to have developed a low tolerance for all of my jewelry….real or costume. I break out in rashes or itch under bracelets, my watch and my rings. It’s a sad day when you have to take the diamonds off because your finger has swollen even more than it already was.

Loving: that on the day I hit 20 weeks I wore my regular Joe’s jeans buttoned and zipped with no assistance from a hair tie, belly band or elastic panel, bagels with cream cheese, fountain Pepsi. Also loving me time. I’m trying to soak in all of the bad reality tv watching, reading of crappy magazines and silence that I can get before baby boy rocks my world.

Loathing: strong smells like cigarette smoke lingering on people’s clothes, super loud environments, the lack of regular sleep, the negative temps, raw meat, my icy driveway that is a death trap to a pregnant person.
Husband: can’t wait to feel the baby move. I think he’s secretly bummed that I can feel Gray and he can’t yet.  
Wedding Rings: long gone
Belly Button: getting smaller….
Movement: yes! right now he’s bouncing around in my belly and it makes me want to giggle out loud. it feels SO weird! I mostly feel him and night and in the morning and sometimes the movement is very faint and sometimes I think he’s aiming directly for my belly button with his best right hook. 

Maternity Clothes: same as always – saying yes to maternity leggings (so far, the H&M pair are my fave over the Destination Maternity pair because the come up all the way over my bump making it look smoother), maternity tanks (all from Target) and maternity jeans (although some regular ones still fit!). Tops, dresses and jackets are all my regular wardrobe.

P.S. A bunch of you asked about this Maine Tee on Instagram…the company that makes the state tees is The Home T and they make baby, kid and adult tees for every state (I also have a South Carolina version). The company is super cool and donates a portion of their proceeds to Muscular Sclerosis research. Go get one!

Best Part of the Week: probably Justin coming home from his long work/play trip and our impromptu date night last night. Also, the whole regular jeans thing is pretty cool.
Worst Part of the Week: almost completely eating it on the ice in our driveway, finding out our house is falling down, laying in bed at 5am thinking of all the things that run through my head.

Missing Most: wine in large quantities, summer, beer in large quantities, staying up late for fun, being able to get out of cars easily, being able to wear tall boots (I can’t get them off by myself so I gave them up), having lots of energy.

Can’t Wait: to smell him. I know that is so weird, but I think about it all of the time. Literally when I’m in his soon to be nursery and see the little onesies laid out, I want to smell those too because in my crazy pregnancy mind they should smell like newborns. Also dying to see him …will he be dark like me or fair like Justin. Curls like dad or straight fine hair like mom? Tall like mom and athletic like dad? yes please.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I own this Maine T and the South Carolina version and wear them tons!

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