Oh man, what a crazy weekend!
On Friday I spent the entire day turning one of guest rooms into an empty room so that it could be eventually transformed into Baby Gray’s nursery. Um, we had a ton of stuff stashed in that room that I had completely forgotten about….oops.

With my giant self, it took me forever to lug things to the other guest room, the basement and the trash can. But I managed to get it done just in time for Justin to come home….and put the crib together!! He’s been waiting to put that crib together since it magically showed up on our doorstep a few months ago. I have pics, but I’m going to wait until the big nursery reveal to show ya’ll 🙂

On Saturday we ventured South to purchase Gray’s rug from a West Elm in Boston and the rest of his room pieces at an Ikea in a suburb south of Boston…

Justin whipped up the perfect breakfast for our travels:

and oh yeah! We found a Chick Fil A in a mall in Massachusetts!

With all of our stops for nuggets, bathroom breaks for me and detours around a big city having one of their biggest weekends of the year, it was a 12 hour day round trip.
I was so exhausted by the time we got home I literally left every single thing in the car and went up stairs and immediately fell asleep. Mark had some of our friends over for beers so I assumed Justin hung out with them for a while and then came to bed.I woke up on Easter morning to let the dog out and get the cinnamon rolls going and noticed a bunch of empty card board laying around the downstairs….

I made my way to the nursery to find that Justin had put together every single piece of furniture and managed to lay out an 8×10 rug and rug pad all by himself. He had even draped a blanket over the rocker so the room looked styled. I literally died of happiness. My sweet husband must have been up for hours and hours after an incredibly long day in the car just to finish every single piece.

(no pics of the room, but you can see my Easter tulips!)

We spent Easter morning downing cinnamon rolls on our front porch in the sun and then it was time for me to get cooking! Green bean casserole, crock pot mac and cheese, honey glazed ham, special rolls and a home made yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting were on the menu for the day.

(my first ham!)

Luckily, I had a few extra guys around the table to help me finish off the ham and cake (nothing makes me happier than people getting up for seconds!).
And what kind of holiday would it be without a corn hole competition!

Nothing says Easter like boat shoes, candy colored polos and a pup in the sun

I let the boys enjoy a little friendly competition and did the following:

(no worries, it’s a virgin)

After a round of naps on the sofa for everyone, I took my extra slice of cake and glass of milk upstairs and let the boys clean the kitchen! This mama to be needed to call it a night for sure!

This was certainly a blessed Easter for us. My husband, our son, our friends who are family, our home, all of the lessons that we’ve learned this last year, all are blessings that I am overwhelmingly grateful for. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter full of honey ham and yummy cake!

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