So, I had something else planned for today’s Can’t Live Without It, but I found this tunic length layering cami and I had to tell ya’ll about it.

Seriously, I discovered them this week and now I own three.
(Not pictured above: the one currently under my sweater)

I’m tall and postpartum so obviously I wear tank tops/camis under everything. 
No one needs to see what I’ve got going on under my sweater when I reach for the Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos on the top shelf in the grocery store. 

Even before my belly stretched to epic proportions, I rocked a cami at all times because of my height. One of my biggest pet peeves of all time involves a tank that is too short and rides (or worse, rolls) up. 
I mean come on, a cami’s job is to be long and keep things under wraps, not bunch itself up under my weird under boob roll.

Thankfully, as of Monday, all of my cami wishes have been granted.

Here’s what the sign in Target looks like so you can spot it in the store:

I own 2 black ones and a nude one.

Yep, it’s that good.

As a heads up, they make a seamless cami out of a stretchy material and a cotton tank that is also marketed as a “layering tunic” – the cotton is more like a top and not what I was looking for. I tried one on and promptly put it back. The length is spot on but the fit was very unflattering on me.

If you’re tall, a cami wearer or wanting to avoid flashing your flesh to unsuspecting grocery store patrons, go on and get yourself one of these pronto.

For your viewing pleasure:

Nothing like a selfie on a return trip to purchase a back up of an item you currently have on.
(and for showing all of your lumps and bumps to the world)

In the photo below I’m attempting to show you how long the tunic is by my awkward hand placement.
You’re welcome.

Side Note: If you google “glam” I’m pretty confident the above photo is the first thing that pops up. 

So, if that compelling argument didn’t convince you that you need these camis then clearly nothing will.

We’re in Newport, RI for a wedding this weekend and I will most likely be Instagramming 24 hours a day like the addict that I am. Feel free to follow along during football half time or Saturday morning cartoons.

Have a fab weekend!