Hold on to your hats, ladies.

Today’s post is most definitely one of my finest. 

I passed the babe off to my husband and sat down to write something witty and/or deep for your reading pleasure but just couldn’t seem to put two thoughts together. Well, to be fair, I could put two thoughts together but they all seemed to be about laundry, projectile baby vomit or wine. 

I sent this desperate photo plea to Megan hoping she’d inspire me to blogging greatness.

Yeah, not so much. 

We decided to embrace our scrambled brains, my wine addled vocabulary and her caffeine fueled nighttime routine and share 10 photos that we (shockingly) had yet to Insta

You’re welcome.

(bonus pic. don’t judge, I gave birth 3.5 days later and there was no prying that cold lemonade from my sweaty, swollen hands )

Baby Mullet

Outfit approval required by Meg

Fall in Maine. 

Hobby Lobby for the win.
(I still regret not tossing that bad boy into my cart when it was 50% off)

My absolutely favorite Trader Joe’s purchase of.all.time.


And now that your life has been changed for the better (thanks to this post, obviously) you may proceed with your day.