Warning: if you don’t have a baby in your arms or in your bump (or have an obsession with couponing), this post will be the most tedious read of your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
So, I have to admit that once I realized breastfeeding was a no-go, I had major Mama/Wife guilt about the increased cost I would add to our household by formula feeding. Prior to delivery, I assumed I’d be feeding this kid for free for the first couple of months of his life. Instead, we are heading to Target on the reg to stock up on the world’s most expensive powdered milk. 
But guess what? 
You can save a ton of money on formula and you can get formula for free! 
This is not a sponsored post, I just had a learning curve that could have been avoided if I’d known there were major ways to save.
If you need/want to formula feed or supplement, make sure that you sign up with your chosen brand for their loyalty programs. We currently use Enfamil because that’s what they served our darling piglet at the hospital. As new parents, we did the most logical thing we could think of at the time and bought exactly what he was accustomed to eating (because someone who is 24 hours old clearly has a sophisticated pallet). 
As a side note: 
at the advice of our pediatrician, we hope to switch to a generic brand in a few months when the babe’s tummy is a little tougher. Until then, we’re rocking the fancy stuff.
Anyways, Enfamil sends us free formula all.of.the.time. 

We signed up for free Ready To Serve Bottles and have been surprised by two boxes of samples since. Each box included two full sized cans of formula (Newborn and Gentlease) and two bundles of single serve powder packs. Every time a box shows up on our door step I say “the Formula Fairy came!”. (The things that excite me these days sure are different than they used to be.)
Our pediatrician and my OBGYN both happily gave us full sized sample cans as soon as they learned we were using formula and have encouraged us to continue to ask for them anytime we are in the office.

On top of the samples, I was surprisingly smart enough to keep all of the formula coupons that came in my baby registry welcome packets from Target and Babies R Us. Most of those coupons are good through 2015 and can be combined with the manufacturers coupons in store and online. 
On Monday I had a killer haul at Target and I have to tell ya’ll/brag about it so you can save like I did!

Ok, so Enfamil sends us “checks” that are for $5 off any Enfamil product. 
If you read the fine print, it does not say anywhere on the check that it cannot be combined with another coupon or that you can only use one per transaction. I had 4 “checks” stashed away and was able to use them all at once.

On top of that quick $20 savings, I had a few other tricks up my sleeve…
Here’s how it went down:

I purchased two boxes of 32.2 ounces of powdered Enfamil Gentlease refills 

My total came to $83.98
I had 4 $5 Enfamil “checks”
a 5% off Target Pharmacy Rewards Card
 a $3 off coupon from the Target Registry welcome pack
and a $5 off Enfamil manufacturers coupon
After coupons, my total was: $42.78
A 50% savings! 
But wait, it gets better! 
Target gave me a $10 gift card for purchasing the two boxes of formula


2 separate $6 off coupons for my next Enfamil Powder Refill purchases.
After heading home to celebrate my couponing genius, I realized that I wasn’t quite done! 
I circled back to Target and took the $10 gift card I earned in the previous transaction
one more $5 Enfamil “check”
a $2 off Enfamil manufacturers coupon
the 5% Target Pharmacy Reward
and a $3 Target Baby Mobile coupon

 and snagged two 6 packs of Ready To Use Formula for a grand total of:


Note the retail price of each 6 pack is $10.99….
That’s a 95% savings!

As a bonus, that transaction resulted in yet another $6 off coupon for Enfamil!

It’s ok if you didn’t follow that as long as you now know that you can save a ton of money on formula with store coupons, manufacturers coupons and can easily get free formula from the name brand companies! 
If you don’t have a baby, I’m sorry you had to read that.
In fact, I’m sure you gave up one paragraph in. 
It’s cool, I still love you!
Any other formula saving tricks I should know about??