Oh bless all of our hearts, we made it through another week.

In order to celebrate the start of the weekend, let’s talk about the bedroom.
No, not like that.
Get your mind’s out of the gutter!
 Let’s talk about how I just can’t live without my bed.

My bed is an oasis for me. It’s my safe place, my hangout spot, my favorite place to be. If I weren’t concerned about keeping up appearances, I’d probably move into my bed permanently. I might have been the only person on earth who didn’t mind being on bed rest at home….

At the end of the day, I crawl into my bed for just a few minutes of alone time while Justin handles bath time and the bed time feeding. Some days, it’s all I can do to make it to that very moment. Once I pull those covers up I take just a few minutes to clear my brain, turn on an old episode of Big Bang Theory (that I’ve seen one million times already) and most likely sip a glass of red wine.

It’s not much, but it’s a moment and a space that I just couldn’t live without.

Anyway, I’m hoping that my weekend looks a lot like this:
| sweats |
Especially since the lows in Maine are dipping down to 39 degrees tonight! 
or better yet……
Have a wonderful weekend!