As promised, I’m bringing ya’ll along on the search to find my first ever one piece. 
Wanna know a secret? 
When I was two weeks postpartum, I took the baby to TJ Maxx and tried on bathing suits. I was obviously high on C- Section pain meds or baby smell or just plain out of my mind, but it seemed reasonable at the time. It was late July and my parents were spending a month at a lake house just down the road from us so they could see the baby. I happened to text Meg a sneak peek of a fitting room rack full of bathing suits and she immediately called me and said, “get the hell out of there before you hurt yourself.” She was only half kidding – my stitches were still healing. 
So after that near fatal shopping excursion, I shelved the whole bathing suit thing…. until yesterday. 
It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t terrible either. 
When I ordered this suit, I thought it was navy based on the listing photo. I was surprised but not disappointed to see the deep eggplant color when I opened the package. The pro of this suit is obviously the belly rouching. It is super forgiving and comfortable. I most certainly do not feel like I need to hold my tummy in. The backside coverage is what I would consider full but cute. A little cheek peeks out on each side but my chunk is covered (and that’s saying something because my Dad lovingly refers to me as Khloe Khadashian). 
The con would have to be cleavage. Back in my pre baby days I only ever wore bandeau tops (I have a deep hatred of tan lines) but now Mama needs her ladies lassoed up, so I thought the double straps of this suit would do the job. They do indeed hold the suit up but the V is so low that you can tell that my boobs have been flattened thanks to the miracle of childbirth. From the side, it’s not my best boob angle. 
Verdict: I’m on the fence, but leaning towards keeping it.
Despite my slightly saggy cleavage, I thought the suit was super comfortable and perfect for 
swimming with Gray in the pool. It does make me feel like a soccer mom so I’d need to reserve it for mom activities like watching my kid float in his floaty thing while sipping a cocktail. 
Holy strategically placed piping!
From the listing photo, I could tell that piping on this suit would be flattering. The white waist band hits at my natural waist and is very, very forgiving. The suit comes with removable white straps that help keep my ta-tas in place when they need to be but can be removed to keep the suit chic. I love that the straps are white and connect just wear the white pipping ends, creating a streamlined effect. 
Pros: the piping. the end.
Cons: I’m tall – 5’9″- and I think I’m just the teeniest bit too long waisted for this suit. I felt the need to pull the suit up a bit while I was trying it on/not really moving around at all. This will certainly not be the suit to splash around with the baby in, but I sure will feel like a Bond Girl (in my mind) when I’m laying flat in a lounge chair during nap time. 
Verdict: I’m keeping it. 
 despite the slight urge to pull it up every so often, I just can’t resist the piping. I feel like I look pretty cute in it and that’s worth keeping. 

I still have one suit on the way that I’m hoping doesn’t make me feel at all mom-ish and one (from Meg!) that may go toe to toe with the purple number for the numero uno position in the mom suit arsenal. I’ll keep you posted on which lady wins out!