I’m back! I thought I would be an original and get my life together the second week of January – I mean everyone else is all “oh,  it’s January 1, time for goals and resolutions!”  but I’m not one to follow the crowd. So here we are on January 12th and I’m blogging for the first time in the New Year. (If you think that’s bad, then don’t sneak a peek at my laundry pile. I haven’t tackled that beast in 2015 either.) 
This weekend was cold but sunny and around here we call that a success.
I dressed my baby up in the dumbest hat ever and he repaid me by refusing to look at the camera
| snow suit | his hat | gloves | hat
We ventured out only to find sustenance 
(because grocery shopping hasn’t been on the top of the 2015 to do list either)
| new stroller! | stroller blanket
I ran away to get a much needed polish change and a gigantic coffee 
side note 1: I thought I was choosing a navy shellac polish but instead the color turned out to be a very dark teal….I’m hoping teal becomes a trend in the next few days because otherwise I’m not so sure that I’m into it. 
side note 2: a polish change is my new favorite way to take 20 mins or so for myself. It should cost around $20 for shellac and only involves the removal of the old gel polish, shaping/buffing of the nails and new polish. Add a quick run to the Starbucks drive through and I’m home long before nap time is over. 
We have a new weekend morning routine that I love:
baby sweats |
as soon as the baby wakes up, I rescue him from his crib while Justin makes him a bottle, and then we all act like lazy bums and lay around in bed until G needs his morning nap. We play, read books, watch Gray do all of his new tricks and spend time together (mostly) without our phones and definitely without TV or the computers. 
(serious faces during Dr. Seuss story time) 
I am definitely not a morning person so I love starting our mornings slow and easy, just the three of us. On the weekdays we’ve implemented a mini version of the routine where we spend a few minutes together as a family until Justin needs to get up and get ready for work.  
It’s been a while since I made the time to read (sadly) but I finished this book in record time over the weekend.  I found it incredibly fascinating and if you’re into medical mysteries or love a (crazy) true story, then this one is a must.  
(obviously, this was before the polish change)
And, like any true Mainer, I made a Sunday coffee run in my long johns.
 I’m not even sorry and I sure wasn’t the only one.
| puffer similar | long johns | bean boots
Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!