This week’s Asked and Answered is a hodge podge of randomness that is tossed my way on the reg. 
I know you’re all on the edge of your seats so let’s get a move on.
Asked: Where does the name Gray come from? Is it a nickname? Why do you spell it -ay and not -ey? Where does the name of your blog come from? So, is Olive like your dog or something? 
Answered: Let’s start with the baby – as many of you know, the baby’s first name is a family name of my husband’s and we keep it under wraps for his privacy. It is kind of unique and our last name is very long so we knew that we would call our offspring by his middle name. It was important to us that his name be unique but easy to read/pronounce, that it be masculine and that it not limit him in his future. Those criteria quickly and efficiently eliminated the remaining family name contenders. As Southeners, family names are our go-to’s so straying from the family tree name pool made me just the tiniest bit nervous. Needless to say, I wasn’t settling for just any old boring non-family name.
I got pregnant in October and we spent our very first winter in Maine surviving record breaking snowfall (81″) and record breaking lows (a solid 32 days below zero). Every time we had some sort of weather event, we saw an announcement from the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine. 
We loved it. It fits perfectly between our kid’s other names and carries such an important meaning to us as our babe was the best thing that came out of our rogue move to Bangor, Maine. He’ll always be our baby Mainer. 
The name of the blog is somewhat based on the baby’s name – but not his given name – his nickname that was bestowed upon him thanks to his weirdly shaped infant noggin. You can read the entire story here.
And our dog’s name is Macie!
Asked: Is there any room in your house that isn’t perfect?

Answered: uh, yeah.
Our guest room was still serving as storage when I managed to eat it in the front yard and sprain the hell out of my ankle. Because I can’t walk without crutches, I cannot carry my baby so my mom had to hop a flight that very day and get down here to rescue me. Cue the panic to clear out the guest room, set up the bed and give her a place to crash. Currently, every.single.thing. that was in that room (imagine boxes stacked to the ceiling) is now holding court in my living room, hallway and the trunk of my car.

Asked: What is your favorite blog post that you’ve ever written?

Answered: this one, written to my best friend.

Asked: What is your biggest indulgence?

Answered: Now that I have a kidlet attached to me at all times, my greatest indulgence is alone time. Preferably in a hotel room, under perfectly clean white sheets with a glass of wine in hand. If a marathon of some terrible TLC show or the Big Bang Theory is on, even better. If it’s day time, I may just take a nap. A long one. And wake up whenever I want. If things get really wild, I may shower. And put on a big fluffy robe to be washed by someone else. Or pee alone!
Whoa, dream big, mama, dream big.
Asked: How did you make the graphic that you use for this blog series?
Answered: The Rhonna Designs app! 
 Other apps that I use daily are:
Afterlight for editing photos
Starbucks to get my caffeine fix
Pinterest to keep me entertained
Buzzfeed to laugh
Instagram because I’m addicted
Drop Box to save photos
Big Cartel for work

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