Let’s be honest, I’m no super mom.
In fact, I think I’ve officially adopted some sort of mothering style that is based upon a solid foundation of Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

When it comes to feeding my heathen, I honestly make a huge effort to ensure that he eats a much more balanced and clean diet than I do. I love fast food, eating out, chips and dip and wine. Hard. And while I don’t believe in making food an “issue”, I do want G to ingest more fruits and veggies than I do (which would be zero, so the bar is low). 
We rely heavily on pouches and organic whole milk to ensure that we’re hitting our food pyramid goals for the day but sometimes I feel like really showing motherhood what’s up and I bust out my smoothie skills.
Try not to be too impressed.
Aaaaaaand, I can’t go much further in this post without telling you the honest truth: I reached out to Nuby USA as a Nuby Parent Blogger many, many months ago (while still living in the apartment) to test out their Garden Fresh Mighty Blender in the hopes of becoming the amazing type of parent who makes her own baby food. It must have been a moment of insanity because I just can’t be that kind of mom. I want to be, but I’m not. Just like I’m not a good housekeeper and I wasn’t the type of student who did the nightly reading.
It is what it is, just go with it.
Anyway, I had the Mighty Blender chilling in my kitchen and I thought it might just make one heck of a baby smoothie blender.
I am pleased to report that it does, in fact, make amazing smoothies and is teeny tiny, perfect for portioning little beverages and for storing in my already overflowing cabinets. 
While making a smoothie is not rocket science, I do like to see what others are sneaking into their kid’s sippies so I thought I’d share our current go- to recipe.
I keep a steady stash of frozen fruits from Trader Joe’s in my freezer – this is what I had on hand today:

I add in spinach, full fat vanilla yogurt, the frozen fruit and a teeny bit of water – this smoothie had a mix of strawberries and pineapple (neither of which I care for, I know, I know, I suck at eating well).

The Mighty Blender comes with two different blades (one to mill grains and one to blend) and two different bowls (and a steamer basket!) – I popped the blending blade in and went to town. 
As a side note, I honestly think this set would be an amazing shower gift. It comes with the two blades, bowls, steamer basket, spatula, spoons, freezable baby food trays and individual storage containers for your baby food portions.  And it’s less than $75.

Anyway, it literally couldn’t be easier to use. If G was older, I’d put a straw in the blending bowl and serve it like it is (the little feet make the bowl super stable).
Give it a blend and then toss it into a sippy. I get such a mom high watching that baby down a sippy full of fruits and veggies. I mean, not to brag, but I’ve clearly got this whole mom thing in. the. bag. 

See, happy baby! 
Yes, I know he has a mullet. I like it and refuse to cut it. Don’t get my husband started.
And now I’m off to finish my Chick Fil A french fries and my glass of merlot.