So, once upon a time, I popped my babe into a Bjorn and hopped a flight solo on the reg. I had Gray on a plane at 13 weeks and we flew sans any other helpful adult many, many times before the baby was eight months old. I had seen it all when it came to flying with a baby. I knew all of the tips and mastered all of the tricks. In fact, I wrote a post (or two) (or three) about it. I owned it.
But now I have a toddler.
A wild, wiggly, free spirited, boy baby toddler who does not enjoy being physically corralled by his mama. 
I am terrified.
I honestly cannot even begin to image how tomorrow is going to go. I will have Justin along for the ride but, as every mama knows, if we can snag a spare seat for the kiddo’s car seat, we’ll divide and conquer and it will be me doing the conquering. 
So, our current status is: 
the iPad is locked and loaded in a supposedly toddler proof case with every single Peekaboo app available (barn, zoo and rainforest). Volume controlled baby headphones have been liberated from their packaging and promptly tossed on the floor by my discerning baby and more individually packaged snacks than I even knew existed are smashed into my diaper bag. 
My current mood is:
sober and nervous. 
I think I need more wine.

Tips? Tricks? Suggestions?

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