I confess
that this is what our playroom typically looks like, complete with a baby still in his pajamas 
(I put a giant wrap sweater over mine, so technically, I’m in an outfit.) 
that we really, really need blinds. Daylight savings means that we are lit from within more hours of the day than ever. Sorry neighbors. 
 that I’m actually sitting on a pile of clean laundry, which has been resting precariously on my sofa for two days.

that I bought a new pair of jeans in the biggest size that I’ve ever worn. I might have been able to squeeze into my regular size but, in all honesty, I just didn’t have the energy.
that despite being the biggest I ever have been, I don’t feel big or think I look that different in the mirror. I’m grateful for that.
that I kinda hate that the only Starbucks with a drive through in my area doesn’t have red cups. I mean, what the hell.
that I’m still working on the balance of having a contract position out of the home, working for Willow Crowns, working on my blog and being a stay at home mom.
 that my parents fly in today and my sink is full of dishes and my floors need to be mopped but I’m blogging instead. 
that I made fried chicken last night and forgot a step (the egg wash and second dip in the batter) because I was too busy talking and drinking wine. 
that some days I wonder if it might just be easier to not tell so much truth, all of the time. I don’t believe in the Highlight Reel style of social media or blogging but sometimes laying all of your failures and naked truths out for the world to see on such a regular basis is hard on the psyche. 
that I was crazy proud of myself for resisting the smell of freshly fried donuts while I was running errands near the bakery yesterday morning. I literally walked toward the door and then turned around and got in my car. I must have looked like a crazy person but I can assure I would not have been able to order/consume just one.   
 that I got a sick thrill when our pediatrician sang along to the Doc McStuffins theme song when she was examining the baby. If she’s letting her kids watch it, then who am I to deny my wild animal the pleasure of Disney Jr. programming?
that my Wanderlust is kicking in again. I have a sneaking suspicion (after last night’s announcement) that we will hit the skies in December and maybe even January. I’m hopeful we’ll head to two different cities that I’ve never visited before and that I’ll have a very happy husband.
that I haven’t made any progress on my One Room Challenge Space. It will be finished in time but I’m not used to spreading out a design project so small over 6 weeks so I’m being lazy about it.  
that I’ve decided to succumb to peer pressure and go back and snag this dress. 
that I’m not dreading another tailgate in the rain (no seriously, it’s all good)
that I have no idea what to do about Christmas card photos or if I should even bother at all. 
that the baby only says “mama” when he wants out of his crib
that I can’t wait to tackle some of the Asked and Answered questions that came in after the last roll call!