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Let’s play a little game, shall we?

I’ll tell you three stories, two of them are true and one of them is a lie.
You get to decided which one is complete garbage and which two actually happened.


For my Bachelorette Weekend my girlfriends and I hopped a flight to South Beach. On our second night we went to dinner at Nobu and sat directly beside Hayden Panettiere, her then boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko and a gazillon of their friends (all guys, actually). At some point during the evening, I ended up in the ladies room, washing my hands next to Hayden (the timing of that may or may not have been a coincidence). I made a comment about my bachelorette sash being hard to wrangle and she gave me a less than amused faux smile. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of make up and, p.s., home girl is petite. Like teeny tiny short. Approximately 30 minutes later, I succumbed to a day of drinking and sunning and was sent home for the evening.

Justin and I got engaged in a helicopter over the Statue of Liberty. He was bold enough to carry my great grandmother’s diamond engagement ring loose in his pocket across the entire city and onto the helicopter pad where we stopped to take a souvenir photo. During said photo, he pulled the ring out of his in the pocket, still loose, and held it out to his side (opposite of me and out of my line of vision) for the photo. He waited until the last two minutes of the helicopter ride to propose to me over the helicopter headset. He began his proposal with “so, remember that time I faked proposed in the mountains?” all while we were on an open feed headset with the Swedish family in the helicopter cab with us. Thankfully, they spoke zero English and Justin and I were sitting across from each other with our knees touching so it wasn’t as awkward as it sounds.
I’ve been tandem sky diving over the James River in Virginia and bungee jumped off of the New River Bridge over a gorge in West Virginia. I loved skydiving and would do it again (the sensation of falling through a cloud is something that I will never forget) but bungee jumping was a one and done thing for me. Believe it or not, my mom is actually the thrill seeker in the family, and has gone skydiving with each of us when we turned 18, so she was in the plane with me and jumped seconds after I did. In all honesty, I spent most of my sky dive worried about her safety and not my own. I spent most of the bungee jump hoping the rope didn’t snap and grateful that I had checked that terrifying business off of my to do list. And also wondering when I could eat dinner because I had been too nervous that to eat prior to the bungee.

So, can you spot the fib?

The answer is in the comments….