And, for your viewing pleasure, it’s time for another round up of the items I managed to pull off of the floor and onto my body over the past few days. I tried to step up my photo game because, apparently, I suck at taking selfies (new phone is on the way, that should help since I’m basically rocking a brick phone with an interchangeable face from a mall kiosk) so this week will be mix of terrible and reasonably tolerable photos. Consider yourselves warned.

Mom on the go (no effort)

| sweatshirt wearing size L | leggings wearing size M but only because they are old | flats, similar and on sale |

I’m basically wearing pajamas, so clearly this is my fave outfit of the week. The Gap sweatshirt is super inexpensive and has crazy huge pockets, the ankle zip leggings are always in heavy rotation and the Tory Burch flats were a great steal from Nordstrom Rack. Pro Tip: I always buy my TB flats at a crazy discount from Rack – they seems to always have tons of Tory in stock and paying full price is over rated. 

Office Day

| necklace | dress | flats

Ok, I can clearly see that this Old Navy dress is wrinkly – I took this shot after I sat at a desk/in the car so while I do love this dress for work (the hem is longer in the back which I prefer, even though I work in a very business casual office) if that won’t work in your office, then scratch this one. Also, keep in mind that I’m a tall broad (5’9″), so if you’re worried about length at the work place, don’t count this dress out because of my thighs. Bonus: I think it will layer well with tights and boots and I love the plum color and easy shape. Plus, it’s cheap, like less than $15 cheap (I’m wearing a Large). 

Mom On The Go (with effort)

 | poncho | bar necklace | pendant necklace | denim wearing size 30 | booties similar
I’m doing the poncho thing. It works for me. I feel put together but really have to put zero effort into an outfit. Sadly, my booties are no longer being made but I’ve linked the newer version the brand (Dolce Vita) is making (plus this dupe). I love the price point and the wedge – so cheap, so comfy.
 Game Day

 rain coat (it’s mens!) | necklace | gold bar necklace | rain boots | dress size Large | leggings

Oh lord, another tailgate and football game in the rain. I swear, the humidity had to have been 100% on Saturday so I tossed my hair into milk maid braids, jammed my feet into rain boots, wore a H&M swing dress that doesn’t require me to suck in my stomach (and is less than $30) and carried around extra rain gear. And drank a lot.

Baby Birthday Party

| bangles | necklace | old top, pattern retired, same top in other colors, wearing a Medium but my ladies could use a large these days | boyfriend jeans wearing a 10 because the denim stretches as you wear it | flats 

The Elsa top from Lily Pulitzer is, by far, my most favorite investment top. I was able to wear them during my pregnancy (up until a point, obviously) and loved them post delivery. I own a few colors and patterns and can always pull one on, even when I’m feeling chubby.

My goal at the beginning of the week was not to wear my Old Navy nude lace up flats and I tried so hard to spice up my shoe picks that I neglected the nude flats completely. What can I say? I’m an all or nothing kinda girl.

I hit up Anthropologie a few days ago and have tons of hits and misses to show you this week. They have plenty of gorgeousness happening but I have to say that there were quite a few pieces that I just couldn’t justify spending the money on. I’ve got my list ready for sale time and my eye out for cheap dupes!  

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