It feels like it’s been a million years since I last shared a recipe on the blog but a few of you (ok, so maybe just my mom) reached out to ask me for the details on my Super Bowl Instagram showcasing my inappropriately large single serving bowl of guacamole.
If I’m being completely honest, this recipe is so stupidly easy but so, so good. My husband finally admitted that my easy recipe was better than his complicated, 20 ingredient version and I’m taking that all the way to the bank.
Here’s what you’ll need:

4 medium sized ripe avocados (or two large ones)
1 cup diced sweet white onion
1/2 fresh jalapeño
the juice of one lime
the juice of 1/2 of a lemon
salt (I prefer freshly ground sea salt) 
First, scoop out the avocado, making sure to reserve the pits, and place in bowl
add the pits to the avocado and set aside (the pits will keep the avocado from browning)

Cut the jalapeño in half
remove the seeds
roughly chop, toss into a food processor 
(I prefer to use a food processor, you could easily hand chop this entire recipe)

Slice/rough chop the onion so it fits into the processor 
toss into the food processor with the jalapeño

Spin in food processor until finely diced

Add the mixture to the avocado and pits 

Mash the avocado with a fork, mixing in the onions and jalapeños as you go. 
Keep the pits in the bowl 

Add the juice of an entire lime (I prefer a large one) and half of a lemon (I prefer a Meyer lemon, they are sweeter, but a regular lemon works perfectly).
Tip: roll the lemon and lime under your palm on the counter before cutting – this will loosen the juices and making it easier to squeeze. 

Add salt to taste. I prefer quite a bit of coarsely ground sea salt. 

Leave the pits in the bowl with the guacamole until ready to serve – or while serving! 

See? So easy!