photo by Life on Meyers

If you caught my Instagram on Thursday night, you know that my in-laws called and literally said these magical words:

“we miss the baby, is he available to come stay with us this weekend?”

Um. Yes. Yes, he is.

I know many can’t imagine, but we hit the jack pot when it comes to grandparents so I was excited for Gray to get a weekend being spoiled rotten by two of his favorite people. I honestly didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day until I was pondering just what Justin and I might do with a weekend full of baby-free hours together. As it turns out, things got wild. Toddler parent style wild. 
8 Things I Did While the Baby was at Grandma’s
Alternate Title: All of the Things I Took for Granted Before I had a Baby
1. Slept in until 10am
Without meaning to and still felt a little tired. 
2. Took a shower.
A long one. Shaved everything, accidentally used all of the hot water and maybe burned through a razor or two.
3. Went to lunch during nap time.
Chose a really small, impossible to navigate a stroller through, very far away from convenient parking, sushi fusion restaurant. Asked the hostess to sit at a high top table that in no way could accommodate a booster seat. Considered ourselves rebel parents and high fived my husband for our wild ways.
4. Decided at the last minute to attend a very loud sporting event.
Purchased good seats from a stranger on the street, knowing we wouldn’t have to leave if the buzzer was too loud, the dancers were too pom-pomy, the seats were too constricting or the pop corn was too delicious (in case you didn’t know, toddlers generally hate pom-pomy dancers)
5. Took a nap.
Because I’m not cut out for all of that spontaneity anymore and it wore me out. 
I’m not proud, just honest.
6. Went to a fancy dinner (at the late hour of 7pm)
In a silent wine cellar. No background music, no Peppa Pig on the iPad, all kinds of breakable glassware. Honorable Mention at dinner: the long dangling earrings and dry clean only dress that haven’t seen the light of day since the day my baby learned to crawl.
7. Talked to my husband.
Literally had a conversation with him. Discussed our plans for our family, careers and travel. We even held hands at the table. We actually stayed at the restaurant until the staff started to not so nonchalantly circle the area with brooms and blowing out candles. And we stayed awake the entire time. If only our twenty five year old selves could see us now! 
And, now the one you’ve all been waiting for, and knew was coming:
8. Secretly/not secretly scrolled through pictures of the baby.
Blew my cover by making random announcements to my husband like “G has the cutest teeth ever!” or “oh my god, wasn’t his oddly shaped newborn head just the sweetest?!”. 
I told you we got wild! What can I say? We know how to make a weekend count (wink!). 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day filled with wine, blooms and surrounded by the ones you love!