Ready ladies? 
It’s time for another round of Anthropologie Hits, Misses and Why Did She Try To Squeeze Her Boobs Into That??
Ashley was sweet enough to invite me as her plus one to the February birthday party at our local Anthropologie last week and I took advantage of the free champagne, cupcakes and new arrivals like a boss. P.S. I had no idea that Anthro throws monthly or bi-monthly birthday parties but they do, typically after hours or late in the day, and always with a discount on the entire store. Ashley happens to be a February baby and I was all to pleased to share in her 15% off discount (and the $25 gift card I won for choosing the right cupcake to shove into my mouth). 
Anyway, let’s get started!
Lila Tiered Tunic
booties | jeggings 
Wearing: size Large
After I wrangled myself into this top and pranced out to the big mirror it occurred to me why I loved it so much. I already own it. To my defense, I own it in a completely different color, pattern and material, but still. I love this top and all of the prints that it comes in but be warned if you have big boobs that the buttons were not really constructed with enough material behind them to accommodate for large chested movement. The actual top fits nicely but the thin strip of material behind the buttons can become wrinkled and cause skin to show. I am so jealous of all of you Tiny Tina’s out there who don’t have to worry about that (otherwise known as me, pre-baby). 
Verdict: a no for me because I already own it, but I did consider bringing it home anyway
Wynwood Button Down
Wearing: Size 12
This blouse looks totally different on the model than it does in real life. For one thing, it is a full long sleeve – not a three quarter as it appears in the listing photo. I will say that the pleating is really flattering and the back is longer than the front so it covers your butt. And, surprisingly, the pockets do not add bulk to my already bulky bumps. The price point is really nice and I honestly think this piece would rock the office to dinner lifestyle I used to have. There are other patterns and color options online that might even be cuter on the stripes so I’m going to keep my eye on them and if they go on sale, I might just pull the trigger.
Verdict: I loved the stripes but ultimately decided that I just wouldn’t wear it enough to justify buying it. 
Marlee Bib Tee
 Wearing: Size L
This top is so sweet and sooooo soft. The cut is very flattering if you’re trying to hide your tummy (me.) and length is almost perfect. I’m 5’9″ and I would have loved for it to have been just a hair longer but that’s pretty standard for me. Love the sleeve length and the dark navy pattern. Honestly, it would be a perfect transition piece and travel piece because there is no way that material is wrinkling. 
Verdict: I should have bought it. Going back ASAP.
P.S. Here’s a super similar piece on sale! 
Ellerie Pleated Blouse
Wearing: Size L
Holy Crap this top looks so different on me than the model. It took me forever to find the listing online because, quite frankly, I didn’t know it had a “pleated back” until the online listing told me so. This is an ok top but not worth the price point of Anthro. Basically, it’s just another black top that you could find anywhere and clearly it will need some maintenance to look sharp. And let’s be honest, I am not going to iron, so I think we all know how this ended….
 Verdict: No way, find a dupe at Rack or Gap

Layered Dovie Pullover 
 Wearing: Size L
I have mixed feelings about this top. One, I think the cut outs accentuate my large chest. On the other hand, I think the white layer adds length and makes the otherwise tight knit more flattering.
The quality is really sharp and the price point is ok for an investment work piece. Ultimately, I had to admit that I would only wear this top to the office and none of the other days of the week so I had to pass. I may keep my eye on it and see if it goes on sale. 
Verdict: beautiful piece for the office but I don’t have the time or energy to hand wash.
Ottava Peasant Dress

Wearing Size L
Behold, the perfect day dress. Full, peasant sleeves, a super loose midsection and pretty details on both the back and front make this little number a huge win. The top is so flattering on my chest and the length is just above the knee so no crazy mom thigh is shown! I almost asked if I could wear this dress home but I decided to save it for my girl’s trip to Napa in March! It will pack without wrinkling, allow for much wine drinking and makes me feel pretty. I wish it came in other colors and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to go full on BoHo this spring. Consider yourselves warned.
Verdict: you better believe I bought it! And the (on sale) hat, too! 
Random Honorable Mention: This tunic wasn’t available to try on in my size but Ashley tried it on and it was adorable on her. She bought it and I am jealous.