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 Ah, Date Night, you elusive little devil.
I don’t know about anyone else, but as toddler parents, we need Date Night. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive, or a production but it does have to include a babysitter. 
And wine.
Justin and I recently committed to making bi-weekly Date Nights a mandatory activity in our marriage and, in the spirit of spicing up our marriage, I decided to find a new, adults only outfit. 
And nothing says “child free zone” like white jeans.
I have to admit that I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of distressed white skinnies since the weather started to warm up. Here in the South, we don’t adhere to rules when it comes to our white jeans – if it’s warm, we wear them. For me, white denim is appropriate from March til Halloween so snagging a pair of go-to white jeans is serious business. Luckily for me, our Macy’s is right next to my signature toddler bribery spot in the mall (Auntie Anne’s) and I happened to blow through there on a recent shopping trip. I spotted a pair of white Levi’s® 711 Skinny with distressing and figured that I had bought myself enough time with my pretzel bribery to hit the fitting rooms.
 Um, hello perfectly distressed skinny white jeans. 
 So, I get that trying on jeans, especially jeans of the white and skinny variety, could be a painful experience but I think you might just need to trust me on this one.
The Levi’s® 711 Skinny sit a little lower on my hip than my Mom Jeans (see: spicing up the marriage) but are still high enough to contain all of my secrets, something I know we are all thankful for. The distressing on the knee is just enough to keep them on trend but not too much that they make me look like I just lost a battle with my weed wacker. 
For the aforementioned Date Night, I tossed them on with a lace top (similar) and nude heels and honestly, I felt pretty darn good about myself. Fit wise, I’m rocking a 31 x 32, and the length is perfect on my 5’9″ frame. Tall girls, you’ll be pleased to know that the length is just right with no special ordering required. Because nobody has time for special ordering. 
| clutch similar | earrings |
I’ve said many times that I think you should save your pennies when it comes to trendy denim and I am pleased to report that the Levi’s 711 are under $50 (and some washes are currently on sale for less than $35! Just FYI, Beach Fossil and Time Travel are my faves.). 
And can we please talk about my butt?
(probably the first time ever I’ve said that particular sentence)
  Somehow the jeans lift and contain it at the same time, no small feat for any denim of mine. 
Ok, now off you go to try on a pair. 
And schedule a date night while you’re at it- those new jeans deserve a night on the town!

P.S. Thanks for the pretty pics, Christa Rene Photography

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