Things have been so busy, all go-go-go and “don’t mess up the routine” around here that we needed a weekend of nowhere to be, nowhere to go and no RSVP’s. I am so glad we were able to go with the flow this weekend because it was a good one. A really good one.
On Saturday Justin hit the golf course super early and was home in time for me to sneak out for a long lunch at my new fave spot with Ashley.
We noshed on cheese boards, flat breads and glasses of wine at The 05 before heading home to work with Amanda on a few new elements of the living room design. While we were lunching, Ashley and I made plans for our next meal (we take our food seriously around here) and decided we would set off early on Sunday morning (with my husband and baby in tow) to hit the Biscuit Head pop up at Swamp Rabbit Brewery in Travelers Rest, SC.
On a total side note: while I was out on Saturday, Justin took Gray on a guy’s outing and found him the cutest baby boy belt I have ever laid eyes on. Justin told me that he gave Gray three options (fish, American flags or dogs) and Gray chose the dogs all by himself. Justin got him all dressed for our Sunday out and I died a little when he came running in to show me his new belt.
I mean, come on. 
Anyway, I haven’t been to the Biscuit Head locations in Asheville or Atlanta but I (along with everyone else in town) have heard amazing things and cannot wait for the new Greenville location to open in a few weeks.
To say the pop up did not disappoint would be an understatement and I ate my body weight in the Swamp Rabbit Frittatta. Between the three and a half of us, we managed to order almost the entire menu and couldn’t have cleaned our plates any faster.
We decided the weather was too nice to not take advantage of (the temporary Mainers in us still flock to the sun) so we hosted an impromptu BBQ at our house with some of our best friends. No plans, nothing fancy – these are our people and they come as they are and take my house as it is. 
We watched the babies play in the water table, grilled burgers, drank my newest Sangria concoction and called the whole thing a night just in time for bath time. 
It was, without a doubt, the type of weekend that was good for the soul.