This weekend was a perfectly imperfect weekend. We did absolutely nothing and somehow accomplished almost all of our To Do List. It wasn’t exciting or spectacular but it was simple and at home and just what we needed.
We have a new routine on Friday nights where we order pizza from our favorite “fancy” pizza place down the street, sit on the porch and drink wine and try to decompress from the week. Last week was a tough one and we needed the decompress time (and the cocktails) by the time Justin made it home. In case you’re wondering, our go to pie is topped with prosciutto, basil and caramelized onions.
On Saturday, we had grand plans to get the entire house scrubbed and back in presentable shape. Justin commented recently that we have never cleaned a house as much in our lives and yet we’ve never lived in a dirtier house. Toddlers are no joke. Our kid can wreck a spot in seconds and we can barely muster the energy to follow behind him and keep it deep cleaned. Truth be told, I’m proud of us if we muster the energy to simply pick up the playroom at the end of the day knowing it will be trashed again seconds after he wakes up the next day. Anyway, we cleaned what feels like every inch of this house on Saturday (and tackled the yard) and while it wasn’t sexy, it was good. We managed to squeeze in a walk to coffee and donuts and a cheesecake based lunch in between our cleaning sessions, so I think we balanced our hard labor with a little fun. 
On Sunday, Justin spent the day on the golf course while Gray and I learned more letters, baked a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread and lounged around. Considering it was supposed to hit a solid 100 degrees by mid-afternoon, we spent minimal time outside and I’m OK with that. Southern Summer, I’m not quite ready for you. 
This week is full of work, school and blogging things – all to get ready to hit the road for the beach before the weekend! Gray wasn’t so into sand when we visited this Spring so I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll have a beach babe this go ’round. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!