photo by Christa Rene Photography
 Today I’m copping to a few things about myself that might surprise you. And no commentary on number 5 please, my husband already reminds me how ridiculous I am every time I share my concerns. 
1. I have never clipped Gray’s nails. Ever. I’m mostly afraid that I’ll hurt the baby but also a little grossed out by the process. In fact, toenails are my least favorite thing on Earth. If Justin accidentally brushes his feet/toenails against my leg in bed I jump away like I’ve been electrocuted. Weird but true.
2. I’m a proud theater nerd. All through high school (and middle school) I was in theater and loved every second of it. Of the 6 musicals I did from 7th grade to senior year, I can still sing every word to every production – with the exception of Pirates of Penzance, because, frankly, it is the worst. If I could choose any talent to have, it would be to be a  Broadway level triple threat so that I could star as the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (way to set super particular fantasy goals, Stephanie). In a more realistic dream, I take a theater only trip to NYC and see as many shows as possible including Hamilton and the revival of Fiddler.
3. I originally went to college to get my degree in broadcast journalism. During my sophomore year, I had a professor who told me that being in the news industry was a very lonely life of moving, working terrible hours and sacrifice (like friends and a potential family). He also shared that he did not think I could hack it, lifestyle wise. I believed him and changed my major to corporate communications…and have moved three times in 5 years. 
4. At this moment in time, I simply cannot imagine being pregnant again or adding another baby to our family. It just doesn’t seem feasible or even sound like a tempting idea. I do think we will eventually have another baby but it feels like we’re a long way off from entertaining the idea. 
5. I am completely terrified of ghosts (and aliens). I don’t like things that we can’t explain but seem plausible (for example. you cannot possibly tell me that we could be the only intelligent life forms in the entire Universe. Nope, not buying it).  If a commercial for a scary movie about ghosts/haunted craziness comes on I have to change the channel immediately. And, since I’m being honest, sometimes I consider the idea that maybe Sasquatch hunters are on to something but only when I’ve watched to many docu/mocu-mentaries on the Animal Planet. 
And on that note, I’m off to watch Yeti Or Not.