So, here’s the deal: it’s no secret that Instagram is going through some growing pains. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, some of us couldn’t care less. I don’t so much love it but am taking the opportunity to go through the accounts I follow and see if I really think they should be popping up in my ever changing feed.  As I was combing through, I thought it might be fun to highlight the feeds that honestly just make me happy – beautiful colors, photos, babies, cookies, art and faces make for a happy scroll through Instagram, wouldn’t you say? I compiled a list of my favorite artisans in all different mediums who I think ya’ll might just love to follow.

And as always, I have zero battery life on my phone when I decide to do screen shots.
At least I’m predictable! 

Jonathan Caleb Cake

Let’s not mince words here, Jonathan (owner, creator, mastermind of Jonathan Caleb Cake) is beyond talented and his feed is a work of art. No detail is neglected and each shot makes me want to throw a party solely to have a reason to buy/stare at/devour one of Jonathan’s masterpieces. If you spot a flower on one of his cakes, look closely because no matter how real it looks, it’s actually made of sugar – if you spot a texture, check again, its probably hand painted marble. As if his cakes weren’t gorgeous enough, he releases his macarons in limited batches announced via Instagram perfection and features flavors like Mint Oreo and Blueberry Pie. I beg him on the reg to open a brick and mortar shop here in Greenville just so that I can go there and hang out with his gorgeous creations – and he promises that he’s working on it for me!

Demi and Olive

I met Anna when she attended the Creative Council Conference but didn’t have a chance to fall in love with her Instagram feed until I got home – and I fell hard. Her paintings are lively, bright, colorful and fun, perfect for bringing a little color into your feed. Her feed and her work have a heartfelt touch (see if you can spy her feet in some of her shots of her pieces) and seem to welcome you into her home and studio. Her cactus series might just be my next art score.

Laura Parker Photography

Many of you know my sweet friend Laura as a blogger but now it’s time to get to know her as a photographer. Her photography Instagram feed is full of sweet newborn babies, couples in love and gorgeous families. Laura loves to shoot in the hills and valleys around her California home (and, if I’m not mistaken, on the mountain where she was married) and the way she incorporates nature feels a tiny bit magical. And P.S. If you’re someone who needs their baby fix in a safe and non-committal way (uh, guilty), go ahead and give Laura a follow.

Jessica C, Make Up Artist

Oh man, do I consider Jessica to be a master at her craft. Nearly two and a half years ago, I met Jessica when she wrestled my pregnant face into submission just before our Maternity Photo Shoot. She worked so quickly and was so fun to talk to that I honestly didn’t expect much when I looked in the mirror but I was blown away with what I saw. She has the ability to make a woman feel like her absolute best self – or her sexiest self, most glam self, most romantic self – you name and she can do it. And Jessica herself is a canvas that doesn’t take her life too seriously. Gotta love a girl who looks like a super model and posts ridiculous photos of herself on social media!

P.S. She has an amazing hair and make up YouTube channel!

Bonus and completely unrelated to talent of any kind:


So, if you have a problem with swear words or don’t find humor in sarcasm, this one is not for you. I think their feed is hilarious and literally laugh out loud at some of their posts so it’s worth the add to your follow list for the humor factor alone.

Ok, off you go to hit that little green button!
All photos belong to and were borrowed from the accounts tagged in this post .