33 Thoughts I Have When I’m In My Mom Car
1. WHAT is that smell.
2. I have got to remember to crack the windows at night so this thing can air out.
3. When will this kid learn to buckle himself in?
4. I should really start carrying full sized trash bags in this car. 
5. Why are all of my cup holders ALWAYS full.
6. I should get more cup holders.
7. Can you buy cup holders for cars? I wonder if stroller cup holders will clip on somewhere.
8. No, we cannot listen to Disney Radio. 
9. I can never find a pen when I need one.
10. Wonder if the bank will accept a check written in crayon…
11.  I should probably throw away yesterday’s Chick-Fil-A trash before we drive through again today.
12. Maybe that smell is a chicken nugget lost under the seats somewhere.
13. Why is my steering wheel sticky?
14. Every place on Earth should have a drive-through. I will drive across town to the dry cleaner with a drive through and not think twice about it. If I opened a business, it would definitely have a drive through.
15. God, that counting app is annoying.
16. I wonder when the baby will actually wear headphones…
17. Listen to him counting! He’s sooooo smart!
18. The Chick-Fil-A drive through girl just called me by name. At least she knows to double down on the Polynesian sauce. 
19. I will throw that iPad out the window if he doesn’t start playing another damn app.
20. I wonder if I can get away with driving all the way home before he starts screaming for chicken nuggets.
21. *bites chicken nuggets into 100 pieces and hands them back*
22. Wait, does he have stickers?
23. No. No stickers on my windows.
24. Do we own Goo Gone?
25. Oh hey, Dad in the minivan, I see you rocking that kid wagon and I’m jealous of your DVD player. 
26. So many red lights, so few minutes until nap time.
27. I think my next car needs WIFI so we can stream anything other than THE COUNTING APP.
28. I wonder if this chicken nugget covered salad is really healthy. Like, could I just order a #1 combo instead?
29. Oh, no sir, don’t you even think about falling asleep in this car!
30. *singing at the top of my lungs to prevent a car nap*
31. Almost home, almost home, almost home.
32. Please transfer, please transfer, please transfer. 
33. Ok, but seriously, what is that smell?