This post was sponsored by OLLY Nutrition . All thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own and based upon my use with the OLLY Nutrition. 

The Mama Rescue Smoothie and Toddler Proof Pancakes
 Recently, I made a mistake.
A very, very big mistake.
I accidentally cut out all caffeine consumption post my morning cup of coffee. 
I honestly didn’t realize what I had done until I was telling my best friend Megan that I just couldn’t seem to make it through the day anymore. I’ve always been the girl who hits a three pm slump, but I’ve recently needed a full on nap to survive the day. I thought maybe I had come down with a bug (or motherhood had finally brought me to my knees) but one day it dawned on me that once I started guzzling sparkling water by the gallon, I managed to cut out all caffeine after that first glorious cup in the morning. No more diet soda, period.
And while I am thrilled to drop the Aspartame from my life, I am clearly not cut from the “no caffeine post 9am cloth”. I had to come up with something that wasn’t an additional Venti full of half and half or soda full of Aspartame but would get me through until baby’s bedtime. 
Thankfully, I found the answer.
OLLY Nutrition just launched an amazing brand of OLLY Smoothie Protein Powder and (thank all of the things), they were kind enough to release a Cafe Mocha flavored Energy Smoothie. It already tastes amazing but I found a way to jazz it up a bit to cure my coffee craving and get a natural energy boost sans the worrisome chemicals.

The Mama Rescue Smoothie and Toddler Proof Pancakes

Here’s my recipe for the Mama Rescue Smoothie
1 scoop (it’s in the lid so it’s fool-proof!) of Cafe Mocha OLLY Smoothie Protein Powder
1 cup milk
what’s left in the bottom of your cold coffee mug from this morning 
(no seriously, I used 1/3 cup of my leftover coffee that I was never able to finish thanks to my toddler)
Blend in the blender or shake in a smoothie cup and serve! 
If you love coffee flavored goodness this will be right up your alley and the energy boost is compliments of green coffee bean, cacao and goji berry. 

And, because my toddler is currently refusing all foods that are not chicken nuggets and popcorn, I decided to get sneaky and attempt to hide a little nutrition in his pancakes – you know, to stock him up on protein and reduce his habit of carbo-loading like a runner about to hit a marathon training session. Did you know you can swap a portion of your standard pancake mix for smoothie protein powder? I didn’t until my friend Jonathan spilled the beans – and ya’ll, these pancakes are good.
The recipe could not be easier and is compliments of my dear friend, Jonathan:
1/3 cup pancake mix
2 TBSP OLLY Smoothies Protein Powder
(try the Swirly Strawberry flavor designed for kids if making for your littles!)
1/3 cup water
1 large egg white
If batter is thick, add small amounts of water until it reaches desired thickness. 
Mix and cook according to instructions on pancake mix box.

 Get ready to feast your eyes on a pretty stack of pancakes….

Also, be prepared to judge me in exactly two photos. 
Ok, ok, so I know drowning them in syrup takes away a bit of the nutritional boost from using the OLLY Smoothie Protein Powder instead of the full does of pancake mix, but do I get credit for using sugar free syrup?? In my defense, my child was not present and he only gets to eat the pancakes with berries on top and just a bit of syrup for dipping (you know, to balance out all of those nuggets he’s consumed).

Seriously, these pancakes taste delicious. They even managed to pass the toddler test, and if you know toddlers, you know that’s good enough for me! 
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