How is my sweet girl twelve weeks old already? In some ways, I feel like she was born a second ago and then there are the moments where I know, for certain, that she has been in my arms for exactly 84 days – and those moments are always in the middle of the night. Georgia has my whole heart but, man, do I wish this babe would start sleeping through the night. I’ve mentioned before that she has colic and a newly diagnosed milk protein allergy, so her days have been a bit rough since she joined us Earthside. I hate that she’s spent even a second uncomfortable and fussy and hate even more that she has struggled to get a good stretch of nighttime rest. So, when HALO asked me if I was interested in trying their brand new product, the SnoozyPod, geared to help a babe transition successfully to their crib for a good night’s sleep, I said “uh, absolutely!”. It’s not often that I do straight product reviews but if there is a shot that I can help another mama sneak in a good night’s sleep, I’m all about it sharing the goods! 

This post was written in partnership with HALOSleep but all opinions are my own and based on our experience with the SnoozyPod.

We’ve been using the SnoozyPod for a week and since we’ve been using it, the baby has transitioned to sleeping only in her crib and is pulling much longer sleep stretches! I was really worried about removing it, but we are no longer using any type of crib dock and I am positive that the vibration of the SnoozyPod made that a smooth process. 
Ok, so what is the SnoozyPod? It’s honestly really cool – it’s a device that is placed under the crib (or toddler bed!) mattress that creates vibration, sounds and light to soothe a babe to sleep. It plays white noise, womb sounds and has a nightlight, which was one of my absolute favorite features of the HALO Bassinest. Being able to turn on the night light right at crib level means I can retrieve a paci or peek at the baby without turning on lights or shining my phone in her face. 

Fun fact, the nightlight projects amber light which has been proven to not interrupt circadian rhythms (who knew?!).  We are big on white noise around here and having a built in white noise player right next to the baby has proven to be crucial with a three year old boy running around. 
The SnoozyPod is equipped with Bluetooth and can be controlled from an app, and while the app is very new, I really did enjoy having the option to turn the vibration on when the baby fussed in her sleep. I’m a firm believer that staying out of her room as much as possible helps her learn to settle herself and doesn’t wake her further – if I hear her fussing, I turn on the vibration and let it calm her back into a deep sleep.
The SnoozyPod can also be used for toddlers as they transition out of their crib and into their big beds – the amber nightlight projects the sweetest stars and the vibration can be set to a higher level to soothe a bigger babe. Take a peek at this video to see the SnoozyPod in action! 

I would highly recommend the SnoozyPod if you’re having a tough time moving a babe from a bassinet or sleeper to the crib, if your babe wakes in the night and has a tough time falling back to sleep or if your baby is used to/loves sleeping with motion/vibration. I also think it really has helped with our transition to sleeping solely on a crib mattress – and I’ll admit to being really worried about that particular change, but it’s been painless! 
You can shop the SnoozyPod here (it’s $80!) and learn more about it here
Sweet dreams, mamas!