Anyone interested in a little round up of my latest denim wins and losses? 
I hope someone said “hell yes!” because we’re doing it, baby!
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I partnered with Old Navy on the outfit above as a little Welcome, Fall look and while I was there, I took advantage of my child free dressing room time to try on 4 pairs of denim: classic dark skinnies, jeggings, heavily distressed and (the one I was most skeptical to try) a light wash with a step hem. So while Old Navy did sponsor the above look, they had nothing to do with the below fitting room shenanigans, so you can rest easy knowing that I’m telling the whole denim truth and nothing but the truth, so help me in the name of Spanx. 
For reference, I’m 5’9″ and wear sizes 10-12 or 30 in bottoms aaaaand I had a baby 11 weeks ago.
I featured the jeggings on my Instagram stories a few days ago because I was just too excited to keep them to myself, but I wanted to share a few more details on the fit, details and pricing, so let’s start there:
Mid-Rise Built In Sculpt Jeggings 
wearing size 10
First and foremost, if you see a pair of Old Navy anything that is available with the built in sculpt, go ahead and get it. I don’t know what they’ve done but that sculpt is magical. I’m also a huge fan of the “Mid-Rise” because, in my opinion, the rise is more of a high-rise and I like to tuck my tummy into my pants. The waist line hits right at my belly button which is flattering and comfy. Tall girls, I thought the length of these was right on point but they do make a tall (and a petite!). I’m wearing a 10 and while the fit was a bit snug, I wanted them to be tight so they would stay up, so I would not size up if between sizes. 
Here was my one concern with the Jeggings – I thought the lack of zipper/button detail plus the higher rise potentially accentuated the, uh, fupa area. If that is an area that you really struggle with, then these might not be for you. But it is worth remembering that with a jegging you won’t be wearing a crop top (let’s be real, I never wear a crop top) and your shirt length will be long enough to cover your fly region.
 I absolutely thought they were crazy comfy, very flattering, had just the right amount of stretch and I brought them home with me. 
Mid-Rise Rockstar Built In Sculpt in Jackson
wearing size 10
Go ahead and get you a pair of these. 
They are the classic jean and make your legs look so lean and long. Not a single whisker to draw attention to your thighs, ankle length slim fit and the to the belly button rise make these puppy a big win. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about them and I love, love, love the Jackson wash because the stitching blends into the wash. If you’re between sizes, size down as Old Navy jeans tend to stretch with wear. 
Mid-Rise Rockstar Distressed Ankle Jean
Wearing size 12
I’m a big fan of distressed denim and often have a hard time finding jeans that are distressed but in a darker wash (which I prefer because it tends to be more slimming) so I wanted to give these a go. I thought the fit was friendly to my figure (again, with the same rise) but the distressing around the ankles paired with the extra distressed knees just didn’t work for me. I’m also not in love with the whiskering on the thigh area. I do think they flatter your rear and tummy area, so if you’re into the super distressed look, this would be an awesome pair – plus, my fashion blogger friends tell me this Fall is all about the ankle detail so if you want to give that trend a spin without spending a ton of cash, then I’m a fan of this pair for sure. 
showing that mom belly to emphasize how high the rise is – sorry if my white tummy skin burned your retinas!
I sized up in this pair in the hopes that would make them more kind to my thighs – I’m not sure that it made a difference. 
Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Step Hem Jeans
Wearing Size 12
Ok, I am here to admit that I was not sure that I could pull off the step hem trend but I love this pair of jeans! When I don’t think a trend will last more than a year or two, I always grab it at a low price point and Old Navy did not disappoint with this pair. They are a light wash but the wash is uniform so I think it’s flattering. 
I did size up to a 12 because, honestly, anything called “super skinny” scares me. I don’t want to be the person who has to ask the sales associate to help her out of the jeans she trapped herself in, so I went for the 12. The rise is to the belly button and the fit is really, really comfy (these jeans are soft!). I’m not rocking my step hem denim to fashion week but do think they fit nicely into my regular wardrobe when paired with classic cuts and basic tees. I’m honestly wearing them right now with a flowy tank and am in love. 
Aaaand, if you’re wondering if I/we can really pull the step hem off, take a gander at this little ensemble that I tossed on and forced my husband to photograph in our driveway (and, uh, this entire outfit, head to toe, is currently less than $100). 
jeans | top | sweatshirt | bag | flats 
Well, mamas, I hope you enjoyed those fitting room selfies, fupa talk and flash of pasty skin – I am always happy to take one for the collective mom team and try on that denim so that you don’t have to! No go forth and rock those skinny jeans! 
Many thanks to Ailee for editing my Instagram husband’s pics – I owe you one!