Beaded Chandeliers: The Best of the Best for Under $300
We’re finally making (small) moves on our next phase of renovation and I can’t wait to share some of the design schemes that I’m dreaming up. Until things are a little farther along, I want to make sure that I’ve documented all that we’ve already accomplished and that includes answering some of the most common questions about Phase 1 of our current house. 
Without a doubt, the number one question I am asked about both of our home renovations is “where did you get that light!?”. I really have a lot of fun picking out lighting and fixtures for our houses and love the impact that just the right chandelier or pendant can make in a space. 
I tend to gravitate toward a mix of metals and materials (I love mixing gold and silver, metal and wood) and always love how the mix of styles can work with our decor. In our last house, I paired two beaded chandeliers over our farmhouse dining room table and in this house I had dreams of a blue beaded chandelier over our white kitchen table
Beaded Chandeliers: The Best of the Best for Under $300
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I won’t lie, finding a good beaded chandelier was not an easy task. I didn’t want to spend too much money but wanted a piece that could play nicely the coastal farmhouse look we have going on around here. With all lighting, the sky is really the limit on pricing but with some research I was able to find some really great chandeliers under $300! My kitchen chandelier is priced under $170 (the price varies a bit depending on the retailer) and I love the look. If you aren’t into the burlap tassel, no worries, it pops right off! 

Here’s how it looks in our space
Beaded Chandeliers: The Best of the Best for Under $300
The perfect chandelier to blend the ghost chairs, linen round back seats, mix of wood tones and geometric tile
Take a peek at our previous dining room here