My baby is officially four entire years old. I literally cannot wrap my brain around that – four seems so old, not a baby in any way, a grown up big boy. I am head over heels for that kid and I want to squish him up and make him stay this age forever (as long as he learns that Mommy really doesn’t like to function before 7am). He makes us so proud every single day and his little personality is something else. This year he had his first party with just his school friends (no family friends, etc) and his level of excitement over seeing his little buddies was contagious. 
This was also my first time throwing a birthday party anywhere but our house and I can confidently say that I will no longer be throwing parties at our house. Seriously, no cleaning to do, no ice to run out of, no last minute house projects – I’ll be hard pressed to ever throw another party at home again. Gray loves the Nature Museum here in Charlotte and I thought it would be an awesome spot for his friends to rock out so I booked everything through them (this isn’t sponsored in any way, but it was a really great gig, so I thought I’d share). 
Legit, all we needed to bring was the birthday boy and his cake. The Nature Museum set up the room, provided drinks, cups, plates etc and a party guide for the kids. I went ahead and booked a “theme” party and chose Forts and Fairies so Miranda, our party guide, welcomed all of the kiddos, told them all about all of the animals that live in the party room (Lightening, the Bearded Dragon was the fave), lead them on a tour of the turtle pools, let Gray feed the turtles and then lead them on an adventure outside where she read them a story and then went on a hunt for fairies, trolls and their secret dwellings. 
It was freaking adorable. The kids loved it – they wore wings and ran around outside, building and playing, burning all kinds of energy. The parents loved it – we hung back and let Miranda do the heavy lifting – and Justin and I loved how easy it was for us. 
We wrapped up by blowing out 4 candles on a dino cake, complete with erupting volcano, naturally, and hugs for all of our friends. It was the sweetest afternoon watching our boy so excited to play with his friends and I am reminded yet again how lucky we are to have moved into such an amazing school here in Charlotte. 
Sweet Gray, Mommy and Daddy love you infinity and back to one, you are our best blessing. Now please stop growing!