Attention: if you are my husband, stop reading now….
Ok, now that I’ve settled that, let’s talk about what I’m gifting Justin for the holidays. When we moved into this house about 8 months ago, we decided the time was right to see if we could hack it sans cable. The kids watch the same movies (ahem, Trolls) and shows on repeat, I could live on Big Bang reruns with a side helping of Great British Bake Off but my husband….well, he was a bit of a harder sell. If we cut cable, we lost access to his beloved football games that run on local stations (like the ACC Network) that could only be picked up with a true basic cable package. We did some research, found some ideas and decided to cut the cable cord anyway, hoping for the best.
Now that we’re almost through an entire Clemson football season, I can say that we weathered the non-cable storm, but we did have a few dicey moments that required an antenna purchase and some choice words shouted at our wireless router. With all of us trying to share the same WiFi stream via the same router in our ranch style house, there were moments of a lost or delayed game feed that didn’t go over so well. 
So, this year, I’m solving all of my husband’s woes and snagging him an updated, insanely cool WiFi system that will keep his game crystal clear, no matter how many tablets, TVs and smart devices are trying to steal his life source. 

Meet the Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi, the latest and greatest in ensuring that you have a fully connected smart home and my husband’s new best friend. Here’s the deal, I leave the tech in our home mostly to him but I do know he’s going to geek out a bit over the Samsung SmartThings system because it allows him to control, view and protect every single smart element in our home via one app. 
SmartThings Wi-Fi comes in a single hub or 3 pack option. A single hub covers up to 1,500 square feet while the three pack covers up top 4,500 square feet (way more than our home size!) and provides the fastest internet speed of all time with AI based Wi-Fi. And, because I know he’ll want to pre-game each week, the SmartThings system allows you to test your Internet speed whenever and wherever, you know, just to soothe those pregame jitters. 

As a bonus for me, we can also use the SmartThings system to manage internet time for any device we choose, which means I can turn off the Wi-Fi to my kiddo’s tablet or set restrictions on Wi-Fi use for any guests (um, hello tech free play dates!). 
All of our smart devices such as our alarm, light bulbs, video doorbell, smoke detectors, wireless baby monitors and home based informations systems will automatically sync to the SmartThings app via the built in Plume system within 30 minutes of pulling those bad boys out of the box, so I know what my husband will be doing on Christmas morning. By syncing all of them to one app, Justin will be able to monitor our entire house, internet usage, Wi-Fi speed and capabilities from one spot on his phone. The Plume app can even be used to set up total home automation so the lights will be on at night when we get home from work, the alarms will be turned off as we pull in the driveway and we can even get the baby’s white noise pumping at full blast to ensure an easy car to crib nap transfer if needed. 

If you didn’t catch all that, here’s the non-techy info: Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi will set up your entire house via the Plume App with raging fast internet speed and the ability to lock it all down if needed. Bonus: you can make your house work for you by syncing all of your Samsung gear, SmartThings and Works With SmartThings devices to the single Plume App, letting you (or your husband) feel like a total tech boss. 
And also: no more lost game feeds. 
Do you hear that? It’s happiness and I’m so digging it.