This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s here mama friends. 
Summer has hit us like a ton of bricks and I am all about finding activities that keep us busy, entertained and on track during these insanely long days. I’ve recently started making every single thing an activity, just to get some mileage out of everyday tasks – walking the dog becomes a nature hunt, blowing bubbles turnings into a dance party and eating popsicles is officially a cooking class for my big boy.
Along with that Summer schedule comes the apparently insatiable hunger for snacks so Gray and I set out to create an activity that keeps our freezer stocked and our snack time healthy. We snagged FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt  and set up shop outside to make a batch of berry yogurt popsicles.
Honestly, this task couldn’t be more perfect for little helpers because there is really nothing to it. You mix any berry of your choice (this is a perfect way to use up those farmer’s market purchases!) with FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt and a touch of honey for sweetness and the rest is in the assembly!
Here’s what you’ll need:
popsicle molds 
FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt 
Chopped berries of your choice (we had blueberries and raspberries on hand)
1 tablespoon of honey
Simply mix the chopped berries, FAGE and honey in a bowl and fill the popsicle molds. I did let Gray do this entire recipe on his own – I chopped the berries while he mixed the yogurt and honey in a bowl with a spatula and then he tossed them into the yogurt blend.
I gave him a toddler spoon to scoop the yogurt into the molds because it was a bit easier for him to get into the popsicle set up and then I capped it all off. The popsicles hit the freezer for a bit and were ready to rock. He was so proud of his work that he kept asking me to open the freezer and check the status of our pops. 
We also discovered that if you don’t want to sweeten the natural tang of Greek Yogurt, or if you don’t have any fresh berries on hand, you can snag a FAGE Total Split Cup and blend the fruit side in with the yogurt. Honestly, that couldn’t make things easier. 
I’ve mentioned it before, but Gray is my picky eater so I love how excited he was to taste his creations – they may not have been the prettiest (see photo below), but he actually ate berries and yogurt, so I am calling that a mom win! 
What are your Summer shortcuts?!