Thank you to Chase Freedom Unlimited for collaborating
with me on this series of posts. All thoughts and opinions are my
Oh hey! 
Welcome to month two of our Always Earning journey with Chase Freedom Unlimited! In case you missed our announcement, Justin and I are collaborating with the Chase Freedom Unlimited Family to work towards our new goal of carving out one-on-one time to focus on one of our life values, having fun in our marriage at least once a month for the rest of the year.

We’re excited to prioritize time outside of being Mom and Dad while getting to know our city. This month, we were presented with a challenge: use 3% of a single day to accomplish our monthly date night! 

Why 3%? Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards new cardmembers with 3% cash back offer on all purchases for the first year, up to $20,000, so we’re dedicating 3% of our day – 43 minutes! – to making a little date magic happen. 
As it turns out, our 43-minute challenge actually really worked in our favor! We decided to plan a day date during an early lunch hour, while our kiddos were at preschool. That meant Justin and I both cleared our work calendars in order to take a true lunch break – we didn’t even have to score a babysitter, making things easy peasy. 
Because we were sans children, we met in a neighborhood across town from our house, South End, and hit up a rooftop oyster bar for oysters by the dozen, a shared lobster roll and a single cocktail each (hey, it was still a date!). Of course we used our cash back credit card so that our oysters worked for us, earning us more to put toward our next date. 
We had an amazing view of the city skyline and to keep our minds off of our work schedules and potential emails that were coming in, we decided to play Heads Up while we waited for our oysters to arrive. Of course, Justin wanted to play the Game of Thrones pack and I totally dominated the Big Bang Theory set of questions.

If you’re ever trying to not focus on social media/messages/emails/work and need a distraction, I highly recommend downloading Heads Up, it’s so fun and easy – and it totally lightens the mood! 

Our next date is in the works – and I think it will be while we’re on our family trip to Alaska! I’ll be sure to report back!