Hey friends! If you’ve been watching my stories on Instagram, you know my feelings on the craziness that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Ultimately, I want to always bring you the best deals on the things we love – no matter the retailer – and the Nordstrom sale is no different.

 I was very underwhelmed with the Home selection in the sale so, unlike last year, I’m completely skipping it. The best of the Home section was actually all via Anthropologie and they rock their own major sales, so no need to jump just because of the Nordstrom sale hoopla.

Ok, let’s gown down to it!
Have and Love
I did spot many items that I own and love on the sale, some in new, fresh patterns or colors for 2019. 

aviators | tank | leggings 

1. Aviators
best brand, wear them constantly, already a great price point, but even better on the sale.

layering tee | leggings

2. Layering Tee, in a Large
Soft, thin, the ideal layering piece. It’s pricey, so worth the sale

3. “Walking Shorts”
To keep those thighs from rubbing! I wear them under dresses and jeans to smooth things out.

4. Slides, TTS
Wore these to death from Spring into early Summer, the pinky-nude is perfect and they’re super comfy

5. Wrap Front Top
If you’re tall, be sure to size up, this has the classic Madewell length, so it’s a bit short on me unless I go up a size

6. High Waist Leggings, in a Large
I own the black and they never slip down, even at spin class

7. Full Length Pajama Sets, TTS
Soft, comfy, a bit roomy, washes well and snuggly.

slippers | joggers

8. Slippers
I snagged a pair of these slippers when I lived in Maine and have worn them constantly in cold weather since. They were a must on the cruise ship in Alaska!

9. Joggers, in a Large
Ok, usually joggers add bulk to my bottom half that I don’t love, so I skip them, but this pair. This pair is amazingly slim and flattering. The waist band is high, woven and doesn’t rub, I wore them constantly in Alaska and will be wearing them once the cool weather hits in NC for sure.

10. Mules 
Yep, you recognize them because I wore them *constantly* – they’re so comfortable that I actually wore them in Disney World. I’ll be buying them in a print and a solid, for sure.

11. High Waist Shape Wear
The classic tummy holder-in, I own these in nude.

12. Racerback Work Out Tank, in a Large

13. Makeup Setting Spray
I bought this set last year because I loved the mini that I can stash in my purse. This really does keep my makeup fresh longer, and having the mini is ideal for my life in the car.

14. Wrap Front Sweater, in a Large
This sweater was one of my faves last year, this particular shade is apart of the sale!

15. Nude Sandals
I own last year’s version of these sandals and love that the nude is almost pink, which pops against my skin making it look more tan than it is. 

16. Camo Field Jacket
I constantly wear my camo field jacket, which is very old, and this is a great option!

Baby and Kids: Best Deals
By far the best deals are on the Maxi Cosi carseats but we’ll be stocking up on jackets and boots for the coming season. 

On My Personal List
What I tried on in store and what I have my eye on 

sports bra | 7/8 leggings | sweater
| sweater | leggings