1. Trello
Trello is how I manage my campaigns, what steps are due when, when products are shipping and ultimately my calendar. I also keep business task lists, business goals and items I need to discuss with various people on my team in separate boards to keep my thoughts in order. I’m old school and still keep a paper calendar but utilizing both the desk top and app versions of Trello to manage my campaign cycles has created calm and order in my work life.
2. Be Focused
I’ve talked about Be Focused many times before but if you work from home or are juggling work tasks while mom-ing, in your spare time or while working another gig, you will absolutely want to download and put Be Focused to use ASAP. Using blocks of 15 minutes, Be Focused helps you work in focused increments with breaks added in per work block. I like to set a block for emails, do as many as I can in the 15 minute block and then move on to the next task, like writing. If I don’t I can spend my entire work time on emails or business admin tasks and never get down to the actual bones of my business! 
3. QuickBooks Self Employed
Ok, I am ashamed to admit that I was slow to join the QuickBooks bandwagon because I had heard and assumed it wasn’t user friendly and was super tedious to use. I could not have been more wrong. If you make even one dollar as a blogger and don’t use this platform, you are missing out! I believe it costs $5 for the first six months and then $10 a month but is worth every single penny. There is a desktop site of course but the app is amazing. You have the ability to sync your business bank account to QuickBooks, allowing it to track, categorize and calculate every transaction. It also gives you quarterly tax summaries, has invoice capacity and 
4. Unfold
Unfold is a dream app to create Instagram stories that require brand approval. Unlike saved/pre-recorded Insta stories, the videos and added text in Unfold can be edited and re-saved without having to reshoot. You can also add fonts, colors, effects and so on but, without a doubt, the most useful element is the ability to adjust to brand requests post draft submission. 
5. Space – Spaces for Instagram
My jackpot, gem of an app, Space allows you to create Instagram captions with actual paragraph spaces! No more weird, auto-inserted paragraph structures or using periods to separate thoughts, Space creates clean breaks and is super easy to use. Just copy you caption to Space, with the paragraph breaks you’re after, then copy back into Instagram! Somehow the spaces stay perfectly in place and your Insta captions are gorgeous.

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