We celebrated a certain someone turning two this month and realized that we really love this age for gift giving! Our children are very blessed so we are thoughtful about our gift giving, usually giving them something they need and then a toy or two and this year, we hit it out of the park with a few firsts for Georgia. I rounded up a list of the things we were considering and what we decided to give her on her big day!

1. Ballerina Barbie
This is what we gave Georgia on the morning of her second birthday – her very first Barbie! Gray and Justin picked it out for her and Georgie is in love. Nothing like that very first Barbie, am I right??

2. Contigo Cup
Ok, so I’m a fan of giving useful gifts, so this is our go-to cup in a girly print for my girly-girl. We do Contigo because the straws can’t be lost, I can’t with the lost straws.

3. She Persisted
Stocking those book shelves with inspirational women and this is a book we own and read to her regularly, but we do just a few stories at time. We’re working our way up to the whole thing!

4. Pretend Make Up Set
Georgie asks for her to do her make up while I do my own, so she already has a brush or two that “belongs” to her, but I thought it was time to get her her own set of “make up”, if only to speed up my own getting ready process.

5. 100 Words Book
This little book is amazing – it’s a Leap Frog speak and learn and teaches over 100 words, including colors, shapes, pets, foods, activities and so on. Bonus: you can learn in both English and Spanish.

6. Bitty Baby
The gateway to the American Girl world, we gave Georgia her own Bitty Baby for Christmas this past year. A true “baby doll” with a stuffed and hand tied body, they really are beautifully made.

7. Dress Up Shoes
Need I say more?

8. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight
This little baby has songs, music, teaches animals, colors and numbers all while spinning and lighting up – plus it’s less than $15.

9. A is for Awesome
An alphabet book featuring feminist icons to teach the alphabet – I mean, if O isn’t for Oprah, I don’t know what it could be for!

10. Counting Eggs
We found these Counting Eggs through friends on a group trip and while incredibly simple in design, they were the biggest hit among the toddler crowd. Matching colors and shapes that are inside the eggs (and learning to put them all away) makes the eggs a slam dunk.

11. Bubble Whale
Bubbles, the timeless love of all two year olds. Snag the whale and a giant bubble jug for back up and you’re all set.

12. Juno Valentino and the Magical Shoes
Eva Chen’s children’s book about Juno, her lost shoes and the amazing, strong female role models she meets on her journey to find them.

13. Baby Bracelet
It’s probably the Southerner in me, but to me there is nothing cuter than a chubby baby wrist in a delicate little bracelet. This particular band comes in gold, white gold and silver and has a gorgeous hammered texture.

14. Doll House
Baby’s first doll house full of easy to grab people and pieces – bonus points to the dollhouse for folding for easier storage.

15. Vanity
This is what we gave Georgie for Christmas and it was a huge hit. She loves the brush and pretend straightener especially and hides little trinkets in the drawers when we aren’t looking.

16. Play Food Truck 
I love this for a playroom space as it can grow with your babe and is, of course, gender neutral. Shape sorters, colors and letters are a learning bonus on this little food cart.