It’s well documented that I’m not much of a seasonal decorator – I wish I was but sadly, it just seems like a lot of pulling things out to put them away again for my liking – but this year I thought our front porch needed a little love. 
I don’t think I’ve done a thing to the porch since we moved in a year and a half ago, so the first thing I did was ditch our dead door mat and the cement planters that the previous owners left behind. Next, I hit up Amazon for a few simple decor updates: a new indoor outdoor rug to layer a new door mat over, two new black planters and a wreath to round it out. All of the pieces are season-less, so I ran over to Home Depot while the babes were at school and snagged a handful of pumpkins, mums and little blooms to fill out our steps.
Because the fall color pallet isn’t really my jam, I skipped the oranges went for shades of purples, white and maroons with green pumpkins and a few traditional orange pie pumpkins to keep my kiddos happy. 
I love the way it turned out and it took a little online shopping, one errand and maybe twenty minutes to set up! 
If you want to recreate it or refresh your porch, I made a quick cheat sheet for you with my faves here (click on the item to shop or save for later on Pinterest!):





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