Let’s talk about the guys!

 I’ve got them covered this year and by all, I mean aaaall of ’em. 
From the techies, sports enthusiasts, craft beer lover, outdoorsmen, survivalists, Star Wars fans, golfers, travelers, gamblers, jokesters and classic dad’s, there’s a gift for the guy in your life on this list!

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1. Custom Beer Flight Paddle updated for 2020 here!: Inspired by my friend Sam, this handmade wood sampling paddle can be personalized with a name, logo, saying or important date. 

You can also select your glass size, from shooters to small pilsner glasses, there’s a perfect fit for every beer lover!

2. Trout Art Print: clean and classic, this trout print is by an artist out of Atlanta and is a great gift for an outdoorsman. It would be perfect in a classic gold frame in a spot of honor in an office!

3. Leather Roman Numeral Date Box: this little box is a perfect spot for sentimental pieces like a college ring or wedding day cufflinks.

4. Wireless Walnut Charger: I love the geometric shape of this hand cut walnut phone dock/charger. It is truly gorgeous, even when the phone isn’t charging, so you won’t mind having it on your countertops!

5. College Stadium Print: Available in college football stadiums, basketball arenas and baseball fields, this is a classic piece for the college sports enthusiast (and yes, it’s available for Memorial Stadium).

6. Cigar and Whiskey Glass: I’ve searched and sourced a ton of whiskey glasses but this is the first I’ve seen with a cut out specifically meant as a cigar rest! 

A unique handmade gift, this one is ideal for the guy who has it all.

7. Survival Kit: Themed for Adventures (not truly for Doomsday Preppers), this little kit contains all of the safety supplies you might need on a weekend exploring. 

Water purification tablets, a compass, wire saw, waterproof matches and more are perfectly packed inside a military grade aluminum LED flashlight.

8. Monogrammed Leather Mouse Pad: masculine, clean and classic. Perfect for home or the office.

9. Automatic Bottle Opener: anyone who has wrangled the top off of a Topo Chico knows the value of this “decapitator” bottle cap opener. 

Whether he uses it to open a beer or a sparkling water, they’ll never a bottle top struggle in your home again.

10. Monogrammed Leather Belt updated for 2020 here!: this belt is a classic shade of saddle leather with a block monogram option that

11. Modern Family Portrait: I really love the vibes of this modern family portrait. With strong geometric shapes, it skips femininity and plays up the fun while documenting your family (using your photo!).

12. Personalized Wood Bottle Opener: Available in a single or double option, this would be perfect mounted next to a bar or drink fridge!

13. Leather Monogrammed Cord Keepers: the cutest little stocking stuffers!

14. Personalized Leather Accessory Kit updated for 2020 here!: the perfect set including personalized leather cufflinks, keychain and tie clip.

15. Phone and Watch Charging Dock: with an industrial edge, I love the style of this matte navy phone and smart watch docking station.

16. Cooler Tote Bag: the classic cooler tote bag in all black, Justin has this cooler and chooses it as his go-to whenever we need a small cooler. 

It’s flexible, the zipper is water tight and the quality is unparalleled.

17. Personalized Dopp Kit updated for 2020 here!: a dopp kit makes the men’s list every single year because there is nothing more useful! I am really drawn to the 3 rich shades of leather and hand stitching of this year’s option, it’s truly a gorgeous piece.

18. How Not To Become A Crotchety Old Man: The perfect little gag gift to keep the guys on their feet!

19. Death Star Planter: I always have to throw in a Star Wars option knowing how hard some of you search for classic, attractive pieces with a nod to the Empire.

20. Golf Range Scope: a golf range finder complete with slope mode and an updated flag seeker (if you’re still with me, great job!), this little baby will help your golfer spot his ball in or out the rough

21. Personalized Poker Set updated for 2020 here!: a personalized poker case with chips, dice and cards – 

everything you need for a guy’s night.

22. Weekender Bag: a rustic weekender tote with leather snap fronts, this bag is available in olive green, navy or brown – and can be monogrammed or personalized.

23. Custom Knife: with a wood handle that can be engraved via laser cutting, I particularly love the custom box this knife comes with.

24. Personalized Mini Keg: Each stainless steel mini keg is personalized ad comes with rubber gaskets, heavy duty threaded steel cap and can hold 64oz of the beer of his choice!

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