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Hey friends! 
We’ve been chatting regularly about taking the holiday hustle and bringing it down a notch, so today I thought I would share my go-to recipe for entertaining, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, to drop off at friend’s houses as a treat and to have on hand in case we have guests pop over for a visit. 

If you’re a Southerner, you’re of course familiar with Cheese Straws – we have them for all occasions – and for good reason! 

Cheese Straws are savory, a bit salty, a bit spicy, and the perfect-snack-as-you-mingle finger food. But here’s a little hint: the dough for a classic cheese straw can also be used to make cheese biscuits and homemade cheese crackers! 
Truly, nothing screams Domestic Goddess like handing out fresh baked goods to friends and family, but handing out multiple varieties of fresh baked goods? 

Well, that’s just pro status. 

I’ve honed my recipe over the years and am happy to share it with all of you this year – but only in the name of entertaining with ease. 
This recipe is all about welcoming people into your home without stress or panic. 

Keep the dough on hand, knowing that it will be ready for you in a pinch! 

In case you needed further proof, this recipe is a gem for a few reasons:
1. It features Tillamook Medium Cheddar Chunk, which is now available at Target!

2. It could not be easier to make – even for non-bakers.

3. You probably have all of the ingredients on hand!

4. Once made, the dough can be kept in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for a month, pulled out, sliced and baked for a perfect treat for guests. 


To make cheese straws, roll the dough out into a square and using a pizza cutter, trim off the edges.
 Slice the dough into long thin strips, then twist the strip twice, pressing the ends down on your cutting board gently to hold their shape. 

To make cheese biscuits: simply slice the dough log into 1/4 inch slices. 

Once baked, place a pecan half on each biscuit immediately after they come out of the oven.

To make cheese crackers: roll the dough into a square shape and trim the edges with a pizza cutter. 

Cut the dough into small squares (mine are always irregular) and, using a knife, prick a small hole into the center of each cracker. Once baked, top with a pinch of sea salt if desired. 

You can bake all three shapes at the same time on the same baking tray to save time! 

I love serving in antique silver and copper pieces, so to show off my bakes, I placed a red tartan cloth in a silver bowl and layered in the biscuits and straws.
 The crackers were popped into a copper wine bottle server and didn’t make it more than a few minutes post serving! 
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