Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

One of my fave posts of the year is here!

I love going back and looking at what we loved, wore and added to cart over the past year. Obviously, 2020 was a weird one so it’s no surprise that we love comfy sweat pants, light weight, easy wearing jewelry and pajamas most of all! 

This year, I focused on our most popular Amazon Fashion purchases for ourselves and the family and the top 16 items are listed below! 

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Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

1. THE Joggers
I don’t know what to say about them except they are the most soft, the most comfortable, the most flattering joggers of all time. I own two pair now, both in size large, and love how how they wash and dry. 
I can’t count the number of DMs I’ve received about them from all body types, including those rocking bumps and those who are post delivery. The waist band is soft and high, easily tucking in anything you’d like while avoiding the dreaded hard pant zip fly scenario. 
And also, they’re under $15! 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

2. Gold Bamboo Hoops
So lightweight and easy to wear, I’m not surprised these were added to cart by literally hundreds of you! 
I’ve worn them many times and have seen zero tarnishing or discoloring, which is impressive for a pair of earrings under $13! 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

3. Girls, Boys and Unisex Pajamas
These pajamas are so well loved by all of us that they have a full video dedicated to them on my Instagram highlights! To really drive home how much we love them, I chose a pair as our Christmas pj’s, have cleaned out and replaced all of Georgia’s outgrown sets with the girls and unisex options and Gray has dubbed them “the softest pajamas on Earth”.
They wash and dry so well, have no shrinkage and, seeing as my kids live in pajamas full time on the weekends, I can promise they can take a little rough and tumble lifestyle. 
They run TTS and I always size up on my kid’s pjs so they can get longer wear out of them. 
 Bonus: the price point is oh so budget friendly!
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

4. Core 10 High Rise Leggings
Let me be clear: we talk about leggings a lot around here. At this point, I feel like we’ve tried them all but this year’s best selling pair is by far the best pair on Amazon.
The beauty is in the super soft, super thick waist band. You *can* fold the waist band over but I prefer to leave that waist high and tight. I work out in them, sleep in them, run around town in them, you name it, they can do it. 
The fit is TTS, I wear a Large
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020
(ignore that leaf on the stairs behind me)
5. The Tunic Sweater Look-a-Like
Potentially my best Amazon fashion find to date, the tunic sweater is a slam dunk. It might just remind you of a much more expensive brand – and it should! – it’s nearly identical! 
The fabric is a perfect, thick weight with a ribbed detail, a low, funnel neck and a great, rear covering length. 
It does run large, size down one size and if you’re petite, size down two! I own a large and my second order was a medium. 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

6. Oversized Sunglasses
You’ve spotted this pair of oversized slapped on my mug pretty much every single day of 2020. I own both the black and the brown/tortoise and love them both.
As a heads up, they are definitely oversized, so if you have delicate features, these may be a bit large for you. For the rest of us, they are the best pair to hide those tired mom under eyes! 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

7. Tangle Teaser Hair Brush
This little brush is the only thing that works on Georgia’s fine hair. She has a mix of curls on the underneath layers and perfectly straight hair on the crown of her head. Needless to say, brushing her hair prior to the Tangle Teaser was not a treat for either of us (even with the Wet Brush, which I use on my own fine hair). 
The shape and bristles of the Tangle Teaser are perfect for getting out the tiny snarls her hair works itself into. We rely on it so much that my husband will only brush her hair if he has this brush. We pair it with this leave in conditioner spray (and also like this one at a lower price point). 
As a heads up, they now make the same brush with a handle! We haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard from many of you that it’s much easier to use if your babe has thicker hair! 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

8. The Ultimate (and always sold out) Pool Bag
Ok, ya’ll went nuts for the Bogg Bag this Spring. I get it, I love that thing. 
The best way to describe it is an indestructible bag that can live happily in a wet environment. As soon as the weather turns warm, we load it up with anything we may need for the pool or beach and drag it everywhere. If and when it gets dirty, we hose it out, stand it up to dry and reload it! 
The Bogg Bags sell out all over the place every single year. From little boutiques to Amazon, they become impossible to find. Every single time I found one in stock, ya’ll sold it right out! I actually gifted my sister in law one for Chritmas because I could find it in stock! 
They come in a few sizes and I own the X Large Bogg Bag, which is very large. 
I’m linking a listing that, as of publication, has six colors in stock of the Baby Bogg!
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

9. Cropped Puffer Jacket
This little jacket made it’s debut in one of the most popular posts of 2020, The Best Amazon Active Wear and Athliesure, and was a slam dunk from the start. 
It’s the perfect cropped length – not too short and hitting in way that is super flattering. It’s water resistant, has knitted, tapered cuffs and a drawstring hood. It’s warm, with the perfect amount of “puff” that doesn’t add bulk to your frame. 
I’m wearing my true size, a large. 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

10. 3 Pack, Cut Out Racer Back Tank
Another insanely popular item from the Amazon Active Wear Post, this three pack of cut out, racer back tanks are my absolute favorite to wear to Burn Bootcamp. 
They are number one bestsellers across Amazon and are a best seller around here. You can choose from a rainbow of colors and they run TTS. Most importantly they wash and dry like champs. 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

11. The Sweatshirt Dress
Probably my most worn item this year! 
I loved this sweater dress and so did you guys. It’s the perfect length, the perfect weight and can go anywhere and do anything.
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

My favorite way to style it is with sneakers, a hat and camo jacket but I’ve worn it a million ways in a million places. I wear a large and own the navy.
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

12. The Snakeskin Mule
I was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys loved this pair of mules as much as I do!
I consider them to be neutrals, in a great black and white snake print, and love pairing them with jeans and a tee. When we could leave the house, these were my go-to throw on and go shoes. They are so comfy, can be worn all day and run TTS. 
Interestingly, the slides were tied in popularity with the most popular one piece swimsuit of the season! This post is up there with the most read of 2020 and this suit was the one that was added to cart most often. 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

13. The Red Maxi Dress
Ok, we loved the living daylights out of this maxi dress. 
I lived in it all Summer, it’s so lightweight and covers all manner of sins. Because we didn’t exactly get to run around town this Summer, I treated this maxi as a house dress. 
It is generous in fit but be sure to fit your bust when choosing you size. I’m in a large! 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

14. Faux Diamond Studs
I’ve worn them every single day since they arrived on my doorstep, including right this second. They are the most realistic, beautiful faux diamond studs I’ve ever seen. They never tarnish, affect my skin and are so glittery. I actually think the 3 prong basket setting are what help them look so high end, but the stones are gorgeous, too. 
 I ordered them on a whim and they turned out to be one of my best purchases of the year. 
I own the yellow gold in a total weight of 4 carrots. 
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

15. Lightweight Gold Bangles
Jelly Bangles! If you look closely, you’ll see that I’m wearing these lightweight gold bangles in nearly every photo taken this year. They are silent, easy to wear and so light that you forget you’re wearing them. 
They come in a ton of colors but I own the champagne stack
Amazon Fashion Most Popular 2020

16. Men + Boys Matching Swim Suits
We all loved this amazing brand discovery for men and boys swim trunks. They’re great quality, have a slimmer fit than a board short but maintain a good length on the thigh and come in a ton of great prints. 
We own the coral fish bone pattern for both Justin and Gray!
Trunks run true to size. 
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